Hebron University - Legal Clinics

The Central Legal Clinic brings together students from all three law specializations - Public Law, Private Law, and Jurisprudence & Law - for the purpose of providing pro bono advice for needy marginalized groups, permitting students to actively practice law in mock situations before their graduation. The 12 sub-clinics are an essential component of the law department; conducting field research, making policies, holding conferences, networking with governmental, international, and local bodies, as well as essential rights activism.

  • The Intellectual Property Clinic:

The Clinic deals with the protection of tangible and intangible property rights; such as trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrightable works, discoveries, ideas, and inventions.

  • The Labor Law Clinic:

The Clinic provides services and consultations on workers' and employers' rights and obligations, as well as their working conditions.

  • The Criminal Defense Clinic:

The Clinic is a partner with the International Legal Foundation (ILS), and gives advice on criminal offence cases such as homicide, robbery, and assault.

  • The Women's Rights Clinic:

The Clinic deals with law violations pertaining to discrimination, education, and violence directed towards women.

  • The Academic Freedom Clinic:

The Clinic pertains to education laws such as teacher's freedom of research and publication of results, performance and duties, and classroom policies.

  • The Juvenile Justice Clinic:

The Clinic helps to protect child and adolescent rights in education, criminal courts, and legislatures.

  • The Public Awareness Clinic:

The Clinic is committed to raise community awareness about basic, general legal rights through public workshops and seminars on corporate social responsibilities (CSR).   

  • The Environmental Law Clinic:

The Clinic works with clients and local businesses to minimize pollution, and offers legal counsel in the environmental arena.

  • The Family Law Clinic:

The Clinic tackles issues like divorce, child custody, abuse, adoption, inheritance, and more.

  • The Counter Violence Clinic:

The Clinic deals with cases of physical abuse in the workplace, public spaces, homes, and more.

  • The Housing Rights Clinic:

The Clinic provides legal advice to both landlords and tenants on issues regarding rent increases, repairs, and evictions.

  • The Human Rights Clinic:

Through the clinic, students tackle economic and political inequality, poverty, exploitation, and threats to physical security; as well as promoting accountability for violations, and raising the respect for human rights.

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