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متحف جامعة الخليل


Hebron University Museum of Antiquities may be considered a true mirror of Palestinian people and their culture. It narrates the story of a nation and provides a historical documentation of the activities of a civilization along with all the intellectual and cultural achievements produced by the creative minds of its members. Undoubtedly, the museum represents a window through which we can overlook the deep-rooted past of the Palestinian culture so that we can probe the present and anticipate the future. Hebron University has always worked, under the auspices of Dr. Nabil Ja'abari, on establishing a museum out of distinct awareness of the importance of preserving Palestinian antiquities, as well as shaping the Palestinian intellectual character, and polishing the cultural identity of consecutive generations. The Museum was thus established in 2010 A.D.


Educational Objectives:

  1. Highlighting aspects of Palestinian ancient history.
  2. Acquainting people with the contributions of Hebron University in the areas of history, archeology and their preservation.
  3. Disseminating knowledge and enhancing national commitment and patriotic feelings among future generations.
  4. Enhancing the artistic appreciation and the aesthetic perception of antiquities.
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