Hebron University - HU Museum


The HU Museum of Antiquities and Heritage, established in 2010 A.D represents the Palestinian people and their culture.  It provides a historical documentation of the activities of civilizations.

Hebron University is deeply committed to preserving Palestinian antiquities and culture, as well as shaping the Palestinian intellectual character.

Educational objectives

  • Highlighting aspects of Palestinian ancient history
  • Acquainting people with the contributions of Hebron University in history, archeology and their preservation
  • Disseminating knowledge and enhancing national commitment among future generations
  • Enhancing the artistic appreciation and aesthetic perception of antiquities.


  • Documenting and displaying archeological finds and other treasures
  • Holding lectures, seminars and conferences
  • Publishing informative bulletins and brochures describing archeological sites
  • Organizing educational trips for students to historical and archeological destinations.


The Main Hall

The museum displays items that represent ancestral periods since they first appeared in the region and until the present time.  The main hall contains display cases of coins from the Bronze until the Iron Age, and the “Classical Period”, i.e. the Greek, Roman and Byzantium ages. A special section of the display hall is dedicated to stone inscriptions from various historical periods.


The Library

The museum contains a library of books and documents related to Palestinian archeology and heritage.


The Lecture Hall

The museum contains a showroom that seats 40 and is equipped with a LCD projector. 



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