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Hebron University (HU) considers knowledge of multiple languages a key element of its educational model and aims at developing the students' communicative competences to help them succeed in the work place. The HU Center for Languages and Translation is an academic unit of the College of Arts and supports the teaching and learning of languages throughout the University since its establishment in 1995. With practical course offerings in more than five languages, students learn the four basic language skills and making use of the language in ways that are useful in a real world setting.  In each language two different courses are on offer, which can be taken consecutively or in random order.

CLT aspires to introduce more global and regional languages ​​that serve the university students and the Palestinian society, based on the role of language in strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation and in building bridges of communication and understanding between different nations and cultures.

CLT always seeks to expand its academic relations and scope of activities.  At present, CLT has designed summer courses and a complete programme of teaching Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages (ASOL) and Arabic for specific purposes, in cooperation with the departments of English and Arabic languages. To this end, HU is always ready to enter into cooperative agreements with international academic/business institutions or any other party willing to learn or improve their Arabic or Arabic for specific purposes.

CLT provides high quality education in a friendly and supportive environment. Books and study material are carefully selected and constantly updated. Most classrooms are equipped with up-to-date teaching aids and the internet. The faculties, both native and non-native speakers, are highly professional and have relevant qualifications and long experience in the field.

Academic Courses

The CLT provides a wide range of English courses to more than 2500 students each semester. The courses differ with regard to level, content and frequency.

The following courses are offered each semester:

  • Arabic Language and English Language, as compulsory requirements for all HU students.
  • Intensive English 1, Intensive English II, and Intensive English III for Midwifery students (as Remedial English Courses).
  • English for Special Purposes (ESP) courses: English for Health Professions 1, English for Health Professions 2, and English for Science and Technology. CLT faculty also assist in teaching ESP courses offered by other HU colleges and departments: Business English, English for Media1, English for Media 2, Hebrew for Mass Media, Media Language in Arabic and others.
  • Modern language courses: The following modern language courses are currently offered as elective courses:

French 1

French 2

Turkish 1

Turkish 2

Hebrew 1

Hebrew 2

  • Other:  Arabic Sign Language is a 3 credit course and is offered each semester as an elective.

Future Plans:  Other global languages, namely: Spanish 1 and Spanish 2, and Chinese 1 and Chinese 2 are intended to be offered very soon.


Translation Unit

CLT Translation Unit provides high-quality technical translation services mainly from Arabic into English and vice versa — all at competitive prices. Our translators are certified legal translators and have extensive experience in translating various types of documents.


Contact:  Centre for Languages and Translation Director

Tel: +970/ 972 2 2220995 ext. 159

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