Hebron University - About Admission

By providing constant counsel and supervision the Admissions and Registration department is considered one of the most important for our students. Our team offers guidance while overseeing student applications, requests for transfers, transcripts and graduation requirements. The department is a member of the Arab Organization of Admissions and Registrations Officials at Universities in the Arab Countries.


Tasks and responsibilities of the Deanship of Admissions and Registration:

  • Announcing the onset  of admissions for new students
  • Preparing student files complete with identification and accreditation papers, and their academic record
  • Arranging the  necessary procedures  for the registration process  and organizing the subsequent dropping and adding of courses
  • Notifying students  of all  academic developments  issued by the University
  • Issuing grade transcriptions , certified statements  and any other documents our students need
  • Preparing study programmes, and final examinations schedules  in coordination with the  Deans of the different colleges 
  • Registering students' grades  in their academic  records and  calculating  the semester, accumulative and general averages
  • Preparing a list of  the students who are expected to graduate  and a list of students who have been warned  and dismissed  at the end of each semester for the Dean after reviewing their study plans
  • Participation in the Admissions Committee  within the set conditions
  • Participation in preparing for the annual commencement celebration
  • Issuing graduate degrees
  • Recording all information and data related to students in matters of admission, registration, examinations and programmes etc.
  • Preparing statistical statements
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