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Broadcasting at 96.1 MHz, Radio "Alam" can be heard on campus and throughout the Hebron District.  It offers a wide range of social, political, scientific, sports, and cultural programs as well as the university's latest news and events.  What sets the radio station  apart from its counterparts are the specialized staff members and academics which take part in presenting the shows related to their field as well as the in-depth research and ardent fact-checking that are conducted.

Staffed by around 17 paid professionals, who receive the support of over 3-dozen interns, Radio Alam is more than just a credible content creator, but also a creator of jobs and work experience.


Internship opportunities at Radio Alam

Internships are open to all students regardless of their major or level and have a natural skill they'd like to develop or who just enjoy media. Interns who prove their brilliance and creativity may compete for one of four full scholarships.

Students interested in the opportunities offered may visit the center to apply. Applicants may specify which area they'd like to train in such as editing, producing, audio ... etc. or a combination. Interns are chosen based on merit, and are each assigned a supervisor from the centre's professional staff. These traineeships are often for 3-6 months.  



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