Hebron University - Planning for Development


Headed by the Dean of Planning for Development Dr. Salman Talahmeh the Strategic Planning Office for Development (SPOD) aspires to achieve its goals through a network of specialists and committees, made up primarily of the current university academic and administrative staff.

The office is highly qualified to make genuine strategic plans. It follows effective and practical approaches to guarantee the actual implementation with a strong belief in the importance of presenting creative ideas that aim at developing the university's programs, facilities and services in accordance with the university vision.  The Department answers directly to the Board of Trustees.


Office Objectives:

The office aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • Strategic planning for the university
  • Monitoring, evaluating, and rectifying the implementation of the strategic plans
  • Collecting and documenting data about all university affairs, programs, facilities, and potentials
  • Analyzing and evaluating the data of internal and external university environments in order to serve the strategic plans
  • Establishing new programs, departments, faculties, units, and sections
  • Conducting developmental studies and projects
  • Suggesting the necessary methods and procedures for updating the planning methodology and quality at HU
  • Identifying the community and academic needs (programs, departments, colleges) in coordination with the university administration
  • Participating in the activities of the University Council and the Academic Council and their sub-committees.



Salman Talahmeh, PhD

+972 2 2220995 Ext. 225

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