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A quote from his eminence the late Sheikh Mohammad Ali El-Jabari:

With the blessing of God, Hebron University will be a source of good , beam of light and guidance for our generations and the generations to come; we hope this nation remains a beacon of good and giving that leads people to the right path and prosperity

الشيخ محمد علي الجعبري

Hebron University Founder

Mohammad Ali Ahmad Darwish El-Jabari was born in Hebron in 1900.

Education and early life

Mohammad Ali El-Jabari grew up in his parents' home, and was their favored son; this led him to develop a character of honor and dignity.  He attended elementary school in Hebron, S. Sheikh El-Jabari and graduated with a certificate in Preaching and Guidance in 1922 from Al Azhar in Cairo.  After returning to Hebron, he emerged as one of the notables of Hebron. In 1925 Sheikh El-Jabari with other notables, established the Association of Hebron Scholars. Sheikh El-Jabari's idea of ​​establishing this association was innovative and pioneering in this field. Ten years later, in 1935,   the convention of the first conference of Palestinian scholars was held.

  1. Sheikh El-Jabari practiced and served as a registrar in Hebron from 1926 to 1941. He also served as a teacher and preacher at the Abraham Mosque until 1937. The Supreme Muslim Council appointed him as a preacher of Hebron Sub-district.
  2. Sheikh El-Jabari led the confrontations with the British police forces after trespassing the property and farms of Hebron citizens. He was also among the first to be arrested during the 1936-1939 Arab revolt in Palestine "The Great Revolt".
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The Philosophy of Sheikh El- Jabari in Higher Education

The history of the University dates to 1967, when Sheikh Mohammed Ali Al-Ja'bari realized that the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza would eventually lead to isolating the cities and towns. Sheikh Al-Ja'bari and other Palestinian personalities established Hebron (Al-Khalil) University in 1971 pioneering higher education in Palestine.

This helped the University overcome Israeli measures, and create a good opportunity for the needy and conservative families who would not otherwise send their daughters out of town to pursue higher education, either due to financial considerations or due to traditions. In 1971, the University started as a small college of Shari' a (Islamic Law) serving a total of 43 students. The University now offers 39 programs leading to Bachelor degrees and 6 programs leading to Master degree.

Hebron University awards B.A or B.Sc degrees in each of its 8 faculties: Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Al-Shari'a, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Finance and Management, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Nursing and College of Graduate Studies & Scientific Research offers seven Master degrees in the Arabic Language & Literature, English Linguistics, Business Administration, Islamic Judiciary Law, Plant Protection, Sustainable Natural Resources and Management and History.

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