Hebron University - HU Overview


Our story

The idea of establishing a university in the city of Hebron became prominent in the minds of a group of citizens headed by the late Sheikh Muhammad ‘Ali El-Ja’bari. Hebron University, the first university in Palestine began in 1971 with the Islamic Shari’a College. At the time forty-three male and female students joined the college from different parts of Palestine. In 1980, the college was renamed as Hebron University to include the College of Arts. Since then the University has continuously expanded to accommodate 11 colleges. For the academic year 2016/2017 the campus admitted over 8,500 students.



Hebron University is dedicated to students in a dynamic and supportive learning environment. Our graduates develop the professional and personal skills required to realize meaningful careers and make a difference in the world.



Hebron University strives to promote excellence by providing quality, academic teaching, training, research and relevant community programs within the context of sustainable development, emphasizing social conscience and democratic values. In addition to providing students with the opportunity to realize their educational ambitions, the University aims to empower students to be productive citizens and active members of their community. It is the policy of the University to promote free expression and interaction among students, teachers, and the surrounding community.

Our objectives

• Keeping pace with the natural development in higher education and to offer Palestinians an alternative to travelling abroad for their education;

• Firmly establishing the Palestinians in their country so that they portray determination and strength.

• Preserving the culture

• Providing equal rights and access to higher education

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