The Vice President of Academic AffairsThe Vice President of Academic Affairs serves as Hebron University's chief academic officer, working with the president to oversee academic policies and activities university-wide. The Office of the Vice President works closely with the University’s academic leaders to:

  • Foster interfaculty collaboration
  • Improve the University's performance in building a diverse channel of scholars and in developing scholars at all stages of the academic career ladder
  • Advance university-wide approaches to compliance and research policy
  • Support University cultural and artistic entities and projects
  • Oversee and coordinate the University’s international activities
  • Support faculty, students, and academic professionals in advancing innovations in teaching and learning; and
  • Oversee activities pertaining to intellectual property, technology transfer, research collaborations with industry, and trademark licensing.



The Vice Presidents' Office

Tel:  +970/ 972 2 2220995 ext. 145

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