Hebron University - Regulations

Undergraduate Admission:

Admission decisions are made upon receipt of all final and official transcripts. Application forms and information about procedures and deadlines may be obtained from the Admission Department.

In order to be eligible, applicants must:

  • Have a General Secondary Education Certificate, or its recognized equivalent, with a minimum cumulative average according to the college being applied to.
  • Pass the Hebron University entrance exam.
  • Submit two recommendation letters from the previous high school(s) attended.
  • Complete an application form.
  • However, meeting the above requirements, will not guarantee admission. The University chooses students on the basis of a wide range of criteria, including academic achievement, performance in subjects relevant to the academic programme selected and supplementary information obtained through the admissions form.

In order to be eligible for transfer to Hebron University, applicants must:

  • Have received the minimum marks on the General Secondary Education Certificate, or its recognized equivalent, for the college being applied to.
  • Be transferring from an accredited institution.
  • Have maintained a minimum average of 70%.
  • Not have been expelled from the previous institution.
  • Have a good record at the previous institution.
  • Complete an application form before the deadline.

Academic Rules & Regulations:
The Academic Load, the number of credit hours a student carries during a semester is referred to as the academic load. Normally, the load for a full-time student is 15 credit hours, provided that the number of courses does not exceed six.

Under special circumstances, however, the head of the department concerned may allow a full time student to register for 18 credit hours. Permission to register for 21 credit hours may be granted upon the approval of College Dean and by satisfying one of the following two conditions:

  • Cumulative Average is more than 80%.
  • That 21 credits are needed to complete graduation requirements.

No student on academic probation is allowed to register for more than 14 credit hours during the academic semester.
A summer academic load is normally between 3 and 10 credit hours. A student on academic probation may not take more than 6 credit hours in summer courses.

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