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Welcome to Hebron University. Whether you are interested in studying here, joining our staff or exploring our research I know that you will find what you are looking for here at HU. I would like to invite you to come and visit Hebron University whether through this site or in person to see the all that we have to offer.

Founded in 1971, HU is the first university in Palestine that was founded by Palestinians. We are a university that is firmly rooted in Palestinian culture and traditions. Hebron University was established for the education and empowerment of all people and we have dedicated ourselves to these principles since our inception.

 It is my privilege to have been selected as the 9th president of HU and to be a part of the leadership of this institution. I fully realize the challenges of taking over a university and carrying on the proud traditions while trying to help this university move into the future.  HU has a robust and modern physical and human infrastructure that includes ten departments and hosts more than 8,700 students, 74% of whom are female.

رئيس جامعة الخليل

As we continue our remarkable growth we know that the measure of a university is never just in the numbers, it is about the quality of what we are doing. Our administration, leadership, faculty, programs, curricula, methods of instruction and our facilities need to constantly adapt in interaction with our community and the world so that we can continue to develop as a world class institution with a firm support of scientific research and a dedication to creating the best leaning environment possible. Our mission is to produce qualified entrepreneurial students who can walk confidently into the world with a firm foundation in whatever field they have chosen for themselves.

I chose to come to HU because I see the potential we have to build on our already strong foundations and become a dynamic university that plays a key role in shaping our Palestinian society. HU is committed to lifelong learning and we believe strongly in our responsibility to contribute to the social, cultural and economic well being of our community and our country.  In order for us to achieve all of this we at HU must remain dedicated to quality and excellence in our teaching, learning, research and innovation as we build towards these goals.

I believe that as we seek to transform ourselves it will take all of us at HU working together. I look forward to meeting you and to hearing your perspective as we endeavor to shape HU into the most accessible, innovative and entrepreneurial community it can be.

Dr. Salah Alzaroo, President 

Salah Alzaroo , PhD,

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