Hebron University - Baytna

Baytna Center, opened in 2016 is the first community center in Palestine, in partnership with Hebron University and   Patient's Friends Society - Jerusalem (a Palestinian NGO, Patient's Friends Society - Jerusalem)

Baytna center also provides palliative care for women, men and children living with chronic diseases

  • The Centre provides psychological and social support group for cancer patients (the Sunrise Group); Post-cancer treatment (special bras, artificial breasts, wig); Lymphoedema care.

The Baytna staff answer questions, offer advice and assist with patient navigation.  

  • General services: Aerobics, recreational massage, possibility of booking place for birthdays, manicure and henna, osteoporosis examination, clinical breast examinations, lectures and health education.


For more information

please call: 0594433109

Or visit the center, Hebron School junction after Sbitany Home

FB: BaytnaHebron

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