Hebron University - Hebron University Campus

The main campus is located on a hilly area north west of the city, covering an area of 12 acres. HU was built entirely from donations and sponsorships from Palestine and abroad and is in itself a strong symbol of success, and a reflection of the donor's strong belief and trust in the University's mission.

There are five main buildings including The Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Ja'bari Building constructed in 1971.,It has lecture halls, the College of Shari'a, Bank branch, and administration offices such as the Public Relations, Human Resources Department, Finance Department, Deanship of Admission & Registration, the Grants Office and the President’s Office.

The King Faisal Building for Science & Technology was built with a grant from the Islamic Development Bank in Saudi Arabia. The building houses lecture halls and laboratories for the Colleges of Science and Nursing as well as the College of Finance & Management, the College of Education, Graduate Studies, the Media Centre, and a cafeteria on its ground floor.

Funded in part by  Dr. Mane' Otaibi, the former UAE Minister of Petroleum the Omar Bin Al Khattab Arts Building contains numerous lecture halls for the College of Arts, Agriculture and the main Library.

The College of Law, the College of Pharmacy, the French Student's Common Room, E-Learning Centre, Excellence in Teaching Centre, the Deanship of Student Affairs, the University Coffee Shop, the University's main Cafeteria, the University's main amphitheatre, and the Gymnasium are all housed in the Yasser Arafat Building.

The Strategic Studies Building is used for conferences and seminars and is the venue for the offices of the Board of Trustees.

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