Hebron University - Deanship of Student Affairs
The Deanship (DSA) is   dynamic and effective  in providing assistance and guidance for the students. The DSA pays special attention to refining the personality of the students by integrating them into various extracurricular activities. The deanship is also responsible for the  Alumni Unit which provides training courses and workshops  that prepare and qualify them for the labor market and higher education opportunities.  


The various units managed by the Deanship include:
Loans and Financial Aids Department

The Department performs the following tasks:

  • Supervising the submission of student applications for need based financial assistance including loans and grants
  • Follow-up to donor enquiries and requirements, i.e. Ministry of Higher Education, organizations, etc
Culture and Arts Department
Community Service Department
Theater Department
Alumni Department


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Tel:  +972 2 2220995 ext. 134

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