Hebron University - Media Center

The University Media Centre was established in 2008 as an extension to the media department. Starting off as a single studio and control room, the media center afforded Hebron University media students the opportunity for hands-on experience to compliment the theoretical education they received in the classroom

The Media Center, situated in the King Faisal building (the Science & Technology Building), underwent a major expansion in 2011 with assistance from USAID. Today, the Center consists of three studios and control rooms with a variety of cameras and audio technologies, a storeroom from which students can borrow equipment for use on their photo and video projects, and a computer lab equipped with high-end workstations that allow those students to edit and design their work.

The expansion of the Media Center has allowed curious students from other departments the opportunity to use the facilities, as well as allowing the Center to conduct Continuing Education and Development courses to people already working in the media sector.

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