Hebron University - Hebron University Academic Council

The Academic Council is responsible for :

  • Proposing academic regulations to the Board of Trustees.
  • Enforcing the academic regulations.
  • Approving faculty and department academic plans.
  • Determining Hebron University graduation requirements.
  • Solving students' academic problems.
  • Proposing plans for the development of faculties and departments.
  • Recommending the opening of a new faculty, department, or program.

Hebron University Academic Council Members:

Vice President for  Academic Affairs  

Nabil Hasasneh, PhD

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Vice President for Administrative Affairs   Ziad al Jabari, LLB

Vice President for Administrative Affairs


Mohannad Estaty, PhD

Dean of the College of Sharia

graduate study dean  

Radwan Barakat, PhD

Dean of the College of Graduate Studies

arts dean  

Raghad Dwiek, PhD

Dean of the College of Arts

Sciences dean  

Fahed Al Takruri, PhD

Dean of the College of Sciences
education dean  

Kamal Makhamreh, PhD

Dean of the College of Education

agriculture dean  

Ayed Ghaleb, PhD

Dean of the College of Agriculture


Samir Abuznaid, PhD

Dean of the College of Finance & Management
nursing dean  

Hussain Jabareen, PhD

Dean of the College of Nursing

pharmacy dean  

Hanen Nour, PhD

Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Laboratories

law dean  

Mutaz Qafishah, PhD

Dean of the College of Law & Political Science

intensive prog  

Hasan Iflaifel, PhD

Coordinator of Intensive Academic Program

Admission Director   Amal Al-Natsheh 

Dean of Admission & Registration 
Students Affairs Director  

Salah Shrouf, PhD

Dean of Students Affairs

arts college  

Huasm Tamimi, PhD

College of Arts

planing dean  

Salman Talahmeh, PhD 

Dean Planning of Development


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