Hebron University - Braille Lab

Since its establishment in 1971, Hebron University has been concerned with the support of people with special needs.

In 2010, the Special Needs Lab was created to serve students with visual impairment, blindness, partial or total deafness, or face learning difficulties.  The unit has a set of devices to provide several services in the realm of information technology.

The Special Needs Unit oversees a group of specialists who work closely with such students, and providethem with the support they need.


Unit objectives

The unit seeks to achieve effective integration of students with special needs in the best possible academic, professional and social form; ensure their positive participation in various programs, activities and services available at the University.


The Unit assists students with:

  • Registration
  • Assistance in the preparation of reports and examinations
  • Braille Printing services
  • Special Needs lab services (resource room)
  • Lending equipment from resource room
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