Hebron University - The Department of Scholarships and Loans

Hebron University established the Department of Scholarships and Loans based on its vision that no student shall be denied an education because of their financial need.

The staff assess the students' economic and social status'.  The department also works at building good relationships with local and international donors.


Tasks and Responsibilities

The department implements and distributes the scholarships and loans procedures according to the system set by the university management or sponsors.  All accounts are monitored and audited by the Financial Department.

The Department:

  • Prepares scholarship, loan, and aid applications and distributes them to needy students according to the system.
  • Makes announcements for students on the availability of educational scholarships and aid.
  • Reviews submitted applications according to the scholarships system as well as the sponsors standards.
  • Obtains and prepares necessary documents from the students in order to submit them to the sponsor.
  • Deposits the financial aid in beneficiary students' accounts.
  • Coordinates and follows up on agreements with the sponsors.
  • Monitors, evaluates and reports.


Classification of Scholarships and Loans


  •  Special Circumstances Scholarships, 100% exemption
  • Special Needs Scholarships, 50% exemption or more according to severity of disability defined by the Ministry of Health
  • Family of Employees Scholarships; First child 100% exemption, Second child 75% exemption, Employee spouses 50% exemption. These Scholarships apply to the families of the University's previous employees whose employment was ended by retirement, sickness or death after a minimum of 10 years.
  • Honour Student Scholarships, 50% exemption for students that have an accumulated average of 90% or more and have completed 30 credit hours.
  • Student Ambassador Scholarships, defined and granted by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for students that go the extra mile in Students' Activities
  • External Scholarships, according to donor institution's criteria


Hebron University provides advice and information for undergrad students to apply for external loans.

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