Hebron University - Incoming Visitors

How to get there:

NB: The Palestinian Authority does not issue visas for foreigners going to the ‎Palestinian Territories as they are occupied by Israel. The visa you receive from Israel ‎will therefore also apply here as well. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that visas will be granted by the Israeli authorities.

Please check with your embassy to find out more on your country's visa policy with Israel. ‎

Visitors who would like to cross the border from Jordan, need to fly to Queen Alia International Airport and then cross the border at either King Hussein Bridge or Sheikh Hussein Bridge.  Please ‎do not confuse “King Hussein Bridge” with “Sheikh Hussein Bridge”. 

You should check with the Jordanian embassy in your country on how the procedure for ‎obtaining a Jordanian visa is for you. Some nationalities can also obtain their visas on arrival to Jordan as ‎well.


There are three options to enter Israel and the Palestinian Territories and it is up to you to select ‎one.

  1. Via Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel 
    Once you arrive at Tell Aviv Airport, (There is a shuttle to Jerusalem and then a taxi to Hebron) or you can pay extra for a taxi to take you to Hebron directly. Please contact the International Relations Office to see if any other arrangements could be made to transport you to the university.‎


  1. Via Jordan, Allenby/King Hussein Bridge ‎

Allenby Bridge (King Hussein Bridge) is a main entry point from Jordan into the West Bank. It ‎is approximately 35 minutes from Queen Alia International Airport and controlled by the Jordanian authorities on one side and Israeli authorities on the other.


  1. Via Sheikh Hussein Bridge

Sheikh Hussein Bridge is another main entry point from Jordan into the West Bank. It ‎is approximately 1.5hours to the north of Amman and also controlled by the Jordanian authorities on one side and Israeli authorities on the other.  


General Advice


Fridays and Saturdays are public holidays.‎

What to Bring:‎

Regular things (clothes, cosmetics, hygiene products etc.), and we suggest you ‎bring your own medicine with copies of prescription‎

‎When planning on what clothes to bring, we recommend that you keep in mind that you will be ‎spending your time in a conservative community.  Female visitors may find a light shawl very useful.

Internet access

Internet access and WiFi is readily available on campus


English is the second language used in Palestine

The political atmosphere

It is important to note, that the West Bank is geographically separated from Gaza so the level of security ‎and the political situation is quite different in each place with the West Bank being generally quite stable.

When travelling in the country, one should have their passport on them as there are checkpoints or barriers where they might be requested

Living Cost

While studying at HU, international students need to ‎cover their own living expenses including accommodation, food, transportation, and other ‎daily living needs. If a student is living in a one room shared flat, a student will typically need somewhere between 500-800 USD a month to live in Hebron. This budget does not include recreational activities such as visiting historical places, travelling and seeing the country, etc.

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