Hebron University - Shahd Abu Ajamiya Wins Green Business Competition

Shahd Abu Ajamiya Wins Green Business Competition

 Shahd Abu Ajamiya Wins Green Business Competition

Shahd Abu Ajamia is a senior student at the department of Environmental Sciences and Technology. She was an outstanding student in her major as she was keen to create opportunities that will help develop her personal and professional skills.

 With her colleagues, Shahd managed to establish the Environmental Club, which organizes many events for students, such as  a campaign for cleaning the university facilities on World Environmental Hygiene Day, and making field tours in the city, especially the Old City to deal with the problem of wastewater. The club also holds workshops to raise environmental awareness among students. Abu Ajamia has largely contributed to the establishment of the Environmental Park where recycled natural resources have been used.

In her advanced years of study, Shahd had received much professional training on the treatment of electronic and electrical waste, in addition to her academic experience that enabled her to apply for the Green Business Ideas Competition, established in partnership with the Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and a number of international institutions. Abu Ajamia competed entrepreneurs with experience in their field and won the competition to receive the  EU funding for her pilot project.

 The idea of the project is to create an electronic app (Eco Store) which serves as a link between the owners of electronics and the factories specialized in the burning of electronic waste. The app also includes educational models for the youth to communicate simplified information they have about the optimal use of technology to build a community culture around long-term environmental health.   

Through her entrepreneurial project and extracurricular activities at the university, Shahd leaves no stone unturned to create job opportunities for her and her fellow graduates who work with her on the implementation of the project, in addition to the awareness goal of the project that she intends to pursue and develop.

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