Hebron University - Our mission and objectives

Our mission

The College of Sharia aims to reform the society and to build a balanced Islamic personality in all aspects of life.

This would be realized through the liberation of the human mind from all forms of disbelief, polytheism, myths, blind imitation, rehabilitate the individual psychologically/spiritually and morally from impulses of psychological anomalies, thus creating an ideal society in which love and justice prevail, dignity protected and human rights are respected.


Our Objectives

  • To study the Qur'an and the Sunnaof the prophet Muhammad, pbuh, through training specialized scholars in the topics of Quran and Sunnah,
  • To study Islamic jurisprudence to prepare specialists in this topic to handle Fatwa(advisory), judgment, and instruction work,
  • To facilitate research,
  • To prepare instructors who are academically qualified to take responsibility for teaching the Islamic Sciences.
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