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Course Description

10100   Islamic Culture                                                                                     

The definition of culture, the deference between culture, civilization and knowledge, the importance of studying the Islamic culture, sources of Islamic culture,  features of Islamic culture, the effect of Islamic creed and morals system on human being, Islamic creed includes all Islamic systems, contemporary challenges stand in front of the Islamic culture,  contemporary Islamic issues such as decalcomania, birth control, dress, woman's job, insurance , lottery.  

11100   Islamic System                                                                                      

Meaning of Islamic system, introduction to the Islamic sources, worship system, educational system, family system, economic system, political system, international relations system, penalties system. 

11101   Introduction to Comparative Religions                                             

Meaning of religion, the deference between religion, philosophy, morals and science, the opinion of sociologists regarding the emergence of religion, the importance of studying comparative of religions, the old religions, religions in great India, Judaism,  Zionism, Talmud, Gospel, the Old and new Testament, the creed of Jews and Christians.

10101   Sciences of the Holy Quran                                                                 

The course aims at discussing several issues, such as: definition of the Holy Quran, sciences, the concept of revelation, kinds of inspiration, the makki & madani, first and last verses, reasons of revelation, writing and drawing the Holy Quran, miraculous of the Holy Quran, the seven readings and scrap about the readers, translation of the Holy Quran, Introduction in interpretation.

10102   Sciences of the Noble Hadith                                                               

Sciences of foundation of hadith, source and text, the importance of hadith, difference between practice, tradition and sunna, origin of hadith, first writing of hadith, statement of hadith, stages of hadith, definition of authentic sex books, parts and types of weak ( da'eef) hadith, ways of understanding hadith.

10103   History of Legislation and Jurisprudence                                         

Meaning of legislation, parts, stages, the founding stage, expansion of law and jurisprudence, appearance and spreading of law schools, efforts and imitation, scholar’s opinions, ways to spread out the Islamic mission.

10105   Worship (1)                                                                                           

Types of water, feces, dirtiness, purity, ablution, washing with a clean sand, rub out the feet.. Prayer: meaning, rule, procedures, conditions, basics, morals, call to prayer, pray in group, Friday prayer, prayer in condition of fear, feast prayer, eclipse prayer, patient prayer, prayer for the sake of rain, funeral ceremony prayer…martyr prayer

10120   Recitation and Intonation                                                                   

The course aims at teaching the meaning of recitation, basics, stages, basics of starting recitation, basics of consonantalNon and Tanween, basics of consonantal meem, accentuation and attenuation, basics of Raa, basics of extend (mad), letters pronunciation, characteristic of letters, rules of stop and start recitation…

10123    Islamic Creed (1)                                                                                 

Definition of religion, definition of creed, Islamic law, basics of Eman believing in Allah, general introduction to Islamic sects, the existence of Allah, clues and evidences of the existence of Allah, mental evidences, meaning of monotheism, the soleness of God, names and ledges of Allah.

10155    Intonation and Memorization (1)                                                      

The aim of this subject is to memorize part 30 (Alnaba' part).

10156    Intonation and Memorization (2)                                                      

The aim of this subject is to memorize part 29 (A Mmulk part).

10255    Intonation and Memorization (3)                                                      

The aim of this subject is to memorize part 28 (Al Mujadilah part)

10256    Intonation and Memorization (4)                                                      

The aim of this subject is to memorize part 27(Al Dhariat part)

10355    Intonation and Memorization (5 )                                                     

The aim of this subject is to memorize surat Qaf, Al hojrat, Mohammad, and Yaseen.

10356    Intonation and Memorization (6 )                                                     

The aim of this subject is to memorizesurat Al noor

11232     Syntax and Morphology                                                                    

Types of speech, types of syntax, names divisions, verbs divisions, construction of word, subject, predicate, verb, subject, application of syntax.

12266    Basics of Scientific Research                                                              

Knowledge and methods of scientific  research, structure of research, writing the report, the importance of library in scientific research, sources and footnotes, writing the proposal and data collection.

11119    Prophet Mohammad's Biography                                                            

The conditions of Arabian peninsula, the beginning of the Islamic mission, the steps of mission in Makka, resistance in Makka, Emigration to Madina (hijra), the Islamic mission in Madina, the Madina society and structure, battles, wars and missions, the death of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

11221    Interpretation of the Holy Qur'an (1)                                               

Interpretation of chapter suratAl fateha and  surat Al Anam and Interpretation of part 30 (Al Naba' part ).

11222    Hadith (1)                                                                                             

This course aims at discussing and memorizing 25 Hadiths from the basics of Sunna (the fourty Hadiths of Nawawy) from Jami al oloum walhikam , it also emphasizes on the benefits of the Hadith science.

11321    Interpretation of the holy Qur'an (2)                                                

Analytical interpretation of some verses of suratAl A'raf and summary interpretation of Al Mulk part.

11322   Hadith (2)                                                                                              

This course discusses and explains several Hadiths related to the topics of selling, marriage, divorce, three Hadiths in the subject of bloods, penalties, judgeship, and ruling, from Nayl alawtar / Shawkani, and Subulussalam/ Sanaani. It also discusses the benefits of Hadith science such as chain of narrators, text of Hadiths. The student also has to memorize the last 15 Hadiths from the fourty Hadiths of Nawawi.            

11329    Islamic Creed (2)                                                                                        

The interpretation between classical and modern scholars, meaning of hearings (sam’iyyat), the question of place, punishment and happiness in the grave, signs of the Day Judgment, intercession of the Prophet Muhammad, the yard, paradise and hell fire, prophet hood, the deference between prophet and messenger, revelation,  revival, resurrection, inspiration, miracle, appointing ruler, conditions, calling for good deeds and forbidding the bad ones.

12213    Personal Status (1)                                                                              

This course concentrates on two main subjects: Marriage and Divorce. Meaning of marriage, engagement, ruling of marriage, conditions, consequences, results…

Divorce: definition, procedures, conditions, types, results, period of waiting (eddah), alimony, nursing.

12241    Foundation of Jurisprudence (1)                                                       

Introduction to foundation of jurisprudence, definition, subject, The rule of companions in the foundation science, The foundation science legal schools, The ruler, the rule and its definition, the text rule, the individual rule, the necessity  eligibility, the performance eligibility, the basic rules from the Holy Quran and the Sunna of the prophet.

12243    Jurisprudence of Transactions (1)                                                    

Sales: definition, condition, basics, requirements of the contract, types of requirements, right of options, facture contract, interest, exchange contract

Guideline introduction of several contracts such as: lease, mortgage, feature, representation, guaranty…

12250    Jurisprudence of Penalties                                                                        

The crime, the status of soul, categories of penalties, types of punishment, penalty of adultery, penalty of accusation, penalty of stealing, penalty of drinking, the reprehension system .

12257    Jurisprudence of worship (2)                                                             

Fasting: definition, procedures, requirements, classifications, mnullifications, spending time on the mosque ('itikaf).

Charity: definition, legality, procedures, requirements, kinds of property and wealth that located under the law of charity.

Pilgrimage and omrah: meaning, procedures, times, conditions, forbidden things, types, intention and formation.

12341    Foundations of jurisprudence (2)                                                      

Basic rules: consensus, definition, evidence, types, the acting rule of the residence of Madina, the juristic reasoning, definition, evidence, types, conditions and procedures, the ways reasoning, the commandment and prohibition, the general text and the adoptive text, the joint text, definition, reasons and its generality.  

12342    Introduction to Jurisprudence (1)                                                     

The meaning of jurisprudence (fiqh), its extensiveness, the difference between the text rule and the scholar rule, general introduction to the  Holy Qur'an, Sunna of the Prophet, unanimity, juristic reasoning), a comprehensive study of the scholar’s opinion and the general interests in Islamic law.

12343    Jurisprudence of Transactions (2)                                                    

Transfer contract, conciliation, charge, findings, endowment, and contracts held by force (ghasb), reconstruction of lands, Islamic banking system.

12345    personal Status (2)                                                                              

Patrimony: Legality, procedures, reasons, conditions, interdictors.

The inheritance: meaning, legality, distribution, types of successors, concealing, foundation of patrimony.

Guideline of patrimony of relatives, pregnant, absent person, bisexual

12351    Jurisprudence of Cases and Testmonies                                           

This course discusses these topics:

Introduction of judicial jurisprudence, (definition, judge, his conditions and behavior.

The case and its procedures, (starting of prosecution, the defense…)

The Instruments of materialization (testimony, oath, knowledge of jurist, contextures, conflict of cases.

Decision pronunciation, its application and invalidation

The domains of arbitration

Selected  cases such as  incubation, obedience, medication

12441    Foundation of Jurisprudence (3)                                                       

The division of expression and its meaning, the real and metaphorical text, the pronounced and metonymy text, the apparent text, theinvisible text and its types, the meaning  of legal text and its divisions, the purposes of Islamic Sharea, the nullifying of legal text,  the discretion imitation in the understanding of the legal text.

12445    Comparative Jurisprudence                                                              

Reasons of jurist's disagreement, methods of extraction among jurists, a comparative study in various legal subjects..

13105    Introduction to the Study of Law                                                      

This course involves the study of the general theory of law compared with the like concepts in Islamic jurisprudence. It explains the concept of law and its inception, characteristics of legal rules, branches of law: public law, private law, peremptory norms, complementary rules, explanatory provisions. The course introduces the sources of law, identifying official sources such as legislation, custom, Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic law principles and equity, or interpretative or complementary sources such as judicial precedents and the jurisprudence. The course takes means of the legal interpretation, legal jurisdiction over individuals, time and place. This course similarly includes the study of the general theory of the right with comparison of concepts in Islamic jurisprudence. It defines the rights, various types of rights, sources of the rights and obligations, effects of the rights and claiming them.

11125    Ethics in the Holy Qur'an                                                                   

Characteristics of ethics in the Holy Qur'an, the relationship between ethics, Islamic creed and worship, methods of improvement of ethics in the Holy Quran, studding some verses in ethics .

11231    Techniques of Rhetoric in the Holy Qur'an                                            

The characteristics of Arabic language, the Qur'anic techniques in: choosing words, bringing and slow down, delete, oath, inquiring, argument, repetition, conversation, briefness, announcement, aspiration, obscurity, contradiction, figure of speech, metaphor, metonymy.

11251    Jurisprudence of Jihad & the call for Islam                                            

Jihad in Islam: meaning of Jihad, definition, rules, effects, benefits, prisoners, agreements in Islamic Law, rules of apostasy, the impact of da’wa in international relations, dar al-Islam and dar al-Kufr (Islamic territory, war territory).

11328    Hadith Scholar                                                                                    

Early life of the narrator, era, personality , teachers, followers,  procedures, the fundamentals and structures that originate his own doctrine in narration the Hadith.

11330    Interpretation Scholar                                                                        

Early life of the Mufaser, era, personality , teachers, followers,  procedures, the fundamentals and structures that originate his own doctrine in interpretating the Holy Quran.

11357    Hadith Extraction and the Study of the Transmitted Chain of Narrators                   

Definition, importance, sources, explanation, Hadith extraction books, the five ways of extraction, explanation of the chain and narrators.

11360    Superstition & Heresy Criticism                                                      

Superstition of heresy, criticism of superstition, divisions, methods of heresy, the deference between heresy and general interest, some examples of superstition.

12239    Ruling System in Islam                                                                       

The foundations of rule system in Islam: the authority of Allah, obedience fairness, equality, consultation, appointment of ruler in Islamic law, conditions of ruler, ministry, state, police and army, constitution and law.

12347    Islamic Economy                                                                                 

Meaning of Islamic economy, the origin of Islamic system, capitalism system and communism system.  the economic crises in the three mentioned systems, the excellence of Islamic system in solving economic crises, the possession in Islam, the subsistence, the social solidarity ,elements of production, distribution of wealth, wasting of wealth, the interest, insurance system: types and rules, the rule of charity in resolving economic problems.

12349    A Study of A Muslim Jurist                                                               

Early life of the jurist, era, personality , teachers, followers,  procedures, the fundamentals and structures that originate his own doctrine.

12365    Endowments & Will                                                                           

Meaning of will, rule and legality, basics, conditions, withdrawal the will,  

Endowment: importance, rule, condition, types.

12442    Principles of Jurisprudence                                                               

Meaning of the principle, subject, rules, importance, legality, development,  authority, the relationship between the principle and other Islamic sciences, meaning of the basic principles such as: certainty  foresides  doubt, damage should be vanished, discomfort leads to

12443    Introduction to Jurisprudence (2)                                                     

Legal corroborators (mu'ayidat), definition, types, procedures, falseness and invalidity theory in Islamic transactions,   

Traditions ('urf): types, conditions, contradiction with legal texts.

13222    Contemporary Financial Transactions                                             

This course aims at clarifying the meaning of contemporary financial transactions, the features of transaction jurisprudence, the Islamic methods of dealing with contemporary issues, innovations,  deposits, newborn companies, currencies, dealing with stock market, conditions of stock market, shares, bills, cash money, the rules of  cashing, the contract of  exportation, Islamic banking system.

31220    Methods of Teaching Islamic Education                                          

General concepts in education: learning, education, aims, procedure, methods, the relationship between Islam and education, importance of education,  characteristics of Islamic education, sources of Islamic education, , educational plan…

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