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Course Description

04401     Introductions to Biology

This course aims to give the students the basic concepts in organic & inorganic chemistry, cell theory, animal & plant tissues, the various system in living organisms as, digestive, respiratory, nervous & reproductive systems. Also this course includes certain concepts in genetics & genetic diseases & the effect of genetics & environment & the behavior of the organism particularly human beings.                                             

44101    General Biology ( I )

This course includes the study of basic concepts of organic, inorganic  chemistry, structure & function of the cell, energy transformation, animal &plant tissue, digestive system, respiratory system , nervous system & sensory receptors.

44102     General Biology (II)

A continuation of general biology I including the study of biodiversity, reproduction, patterns of inheritance, embryonic development, plant & animal hormones

44103     General Biology for Nursing

This course includes the study of basic concepts of organic and inorganic chemistry, the structure and function of the cell, cell division, cellular respiration, basic concepts of inheritance, animal tissues. Animal systems: digestive, respiration, circulatory, excretory, nervous & endocrine in addition to sense organ.

44105     Lab of General Biology (I)

This lab course covers most topics studied in the theoretical course 44101.

44107     Lab of General Biology (II)

This lab course covers most topics studied in the theoretical course 44102.

44151     Biochemistry For Nursing

This course aims to study the physical & chemical properties of amino acids,   study of protein structure & functions , enzymes & their mechanism of action & specificity ,lipids, carbohydrates & nucleic acids.

The course also aims to study the structure & function of biomolecules & their clinical correlations & their importance in medical diagnosis.

44210     Introduction to Zoology

This course will cover the study of the various groups of invertebrate animals which include  protozoa, sponges, coelenterate, flat worms, round worms, arthropods, mollusks, annelids & echinoderms. Also this course includes the study of the various groups of vertebrate animals which include fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds & mammals.

44211     Invertebrate Zoology

This course includes a detailed study of the various groups of invertebrate animals (protozoa, sponges, coelenterate, annelid, mollusks, arthropods, echinoderms) according to their evolutionary sequence. Emphasis will be placed upon the classification, structure of these organisms & on aspects as physiology, life histories, habitats &ecological distribution.

44212     Invertebrate Zoology Lab

This course covers all topics given in theory course 44211.

44221     Introduction to Botany

This course includes the study of plant cell, plant tissues, plant organs, water relation to plant cell, transpiration ,transport in xylem & phloem , photosynthesis , plant hormones, also this course includes the study of the various groups of nonvascular & vascular plants.

44222     Introduction of Botany Lab

This course covers all topics given in theory course 44221.  

44223     Botany

This course includes the study of different types of algae, bryophytes & also seedless vascular plants & seed plants. Emphasis will be on the study of classification & structure of these organisms, their life cycles and their habitats.

44224     Botany lab

This course includes the study of microscope slides that cover the theoretical course.

44225     Plant Anatomy & Physiology

The aim of this course is to study, the plant cell, different types of plant tissues & organs. This course also includes the study of water relation to plant cell, transpiration, the transport in xylem, the transport in phloem & the process of photosynthesis.

44226      Anatomy & Physiology Lab

This course covers all topics given in theory course 44225.

44227      Plant Taxonomy

This course includes an introduction to evolution of classification of living organism, introduction to basic concepts of taxonomy, classification of flowering plants based on feature of root, stem, flowers & inflorescence.                                  

44241     Ecology

A comprehensive study for the communities according to their characteristics, dynamics & regulation. It also includes the ecosystem & its components, tropich levels, energy transfer, nutrient cycling & pollution.

Study different ecosystems including terrestrial & aquatic ecosystems.

44242     Ecology Lab

Includes laboratory experiments emphasizing on biotic & abiotic parts of the ecosystem such as soil, water, gases, humidity, human & living organisms.

It also includes field trips to locations of ecological interest including aquatic & terrestrial ecosystems.

44245      Nutrition

The course includes a brief description for the human digestive system.

A detailed study of the principal components of the food & the basic elements of nutrients. It also discusses certain issue as malnutrition & the related health problems, metabolic energy, obesity, alcoholism & others.

44246     Nutrition for Nursing

An introduction to principles of nutrition & the study of food groups, their sources & importance, food digestion, absorption & metabolism, water & electrolytes, energy balance & weight control. Emphasis will be placed on nutrition during pregnancy & lactation. Nutritional deficiency disease and diet modification during disorders.

44251     Cell Biology

A general study of the cell theory, prokaryotes & eukaryotes The course will focus on studying cellular components structurally & functionally including cell membrane & surfaces, cell cycle, chromosome organization, intracellular organelles, cytoskeleton, cell-cell interactions as well as cell aging & cancer cell

44252      Embryology

This course includes sexual division, sexual organ, fertilization, zygote cleavage, biological process during cleavage, differentiation & germ layer formation, formation of embryonic tissue in human embryo, formation of organs & systems in human, main application.

44253      Embryology Lab

This course includes the study of microscope slides that cover the theoretical course.

44261      Micro techniques

Study and implement the basic concepts related to preparation of biological specimens .It will also cover the concepts of the major steps used in micro technique preparations

44264      Histology

A detailed study for various animal tissues with special emphasis on structural & functional correlations. Study of organ systems such as circulatory system, nervous system, integumentory system, digestive system, respiratory system, endocrine & others

44312      Animal anatomy & physiology

This course will describe anatomy & representative organism, organ to organ relation ship, function of different organs & body system in representative organism, interaction between body structure & function.

44313     Animal anatomy & physiology Lab

This course covers all topics given in theory course 44312.                                        

44314      Parasitology

The study of animal parasites & the relation between these parasites & their hosts. Emphasis will be placed on their morphology, life cycle & their distribution especially parasites of the local area, their role in disease & treatment.

44315      parasitology lab

This course covers all topics given in theory course 44314.

44331      Microbiology

This course includes the study of the structure and characteristics of microorganisms: bacteria, fungi & viruses. Emphasis will be placed on classification of M.O. culture of M.O, control of M.O, study of bacterial metabolism, energy production and genetics.

44332      Microbiology Lab

This course covers all topics given in theory course 44331

44333      Medical Microbiology

This course includes the study of important pathogenic microbes, the relation with their hosts, methods of prevention, immunity response, route of microbial transmission & epidemiology of some infections diseases.

44334      Medical Microbiology Lab

This course covers all topics given in theory course 44333.

44335      Applied Microbiology

The study of M.O used in industry, the production of antibiotics, vitamins, organic acid &enzymes by using M.O. Also this course wills emphasis on food M.O which includes spoilage & preservation of food. The role of M.O in solid & waste water treatment.

44336      Applied Microbiology Lab

This course covers all topics given in theory course 44335

44343      Biodiversity

Study the diversity of the living organisms including microorganism plants &animals. Study the natural habitats for the living organisms & the inter

& intraspecific relationships among them. Demonstrate ecological problems related to biodiversity & their solutions. .

44344     Genetics

This course includes an introduction to cell biology, mitotic & meiotic cell division, mendelian inheritance and extension to mendelism, genetic linkage analysis & genetic mapping, quantitative genetics, and chromosomal variations.

44351     Biochemistry I

This course gives a brief study for organic molecules and their functional groups, stereochemistry, a detail study about  biomolecules like proteins, carbohydrates lipids, nucleic acids, and enzymes, and focusing on their structural and functional biological importance.

44352     Practical Biochemistry

The course aims to give laboratory experiments that cover topics given in44351. 

44353      Clinical Chemistry 

This course aims to give a brief introduction on static, lab management and mathematics, complete analysis of blood constituents of sugars , protein , lipids, hormones, enzymes& study of their importance in clinical diagnosis, sample collection method ,an introduction to toxins & toxicology , medical instruments & their use in clinical chemistry & diagnosis.

44354      Clinical Chemistry Lab

This lab course covers all topics given in the theory course 44353.

44355      Molecular Biology

This course includes the study of nucleic acids structure and function: DNA replication, transcription & translation; regulation of gene expression & protein synthesis, genetic mutation & repair, and a brief description of modern recombinant DNA technology & genetic engineering.

44356      Genetic lab

In this practical, laboratoryexperiments on fruit fly, Drsophila & bacteria will be performed in order to study the inheritance patterns of various genetic traits, genetic linkage and mutation. Inheritance patterns and segregation of some human genetic traits will also be studied & statically analyzed.

44362     Immunology

Introduction to basic concepts of immunology, study of innate & specific immunity, structure& function of immune system, B lymphocytes & T lymphocytes & their role in immune system interaction, acquired immunity. Study of special topics in immunology like: hypersensitivity reaction, autoimmunity & auto immune disorder, transplantation & transplant rejection.  

44375      Mycology & mycotoxicology

The aim of this course is to study the various groups of fungi including Zygomycota, Ascomycota, Basidiomycota & Denteromycota. Also this course includes the study of the various groups of mycotoxins, identification chemical & biological properties of these toxins.

44382       Animal Behavior

This course aims to study the evolution of behaviors , behavioral genetics, ultimate & approximate behavior ,behavioral physiology, sexual selection, kin selection, foraging, study of complex aspects of behavior like instincts, decision making, language intelligence, cognition, imprinting, emotions, animal learning.

44383      An Introduction to Epidemiology

This course will cover basic concepts on epidemiology science including types of study, confounding, biases statistical methods used to analyze epidemiological data sets, preventive measurements.

44431     Virology

The course will focus on the study of viral taxonomy, chemical & physical nature of viruses, method of viral isolation & characterizations, DNA viruses, RNA viruses, bacteriophages, plant viruses, animal viruses, how viruses cause a disease, types of viral disease, viruses in medical diagnosis & treatment

44436      Genetics Engineering

Thiscourse involves an indepth study of recombinant DNA technology & genetic engineering techniques. It covers various aspects of biotechnology application: DNA finger prints, paternity testing, prokaryotic & eukaryotic expression systems, transgenic organs, cloning, and gene therapy. It also covers microbial biotechnology & its application, protein and enzymes immobilization techniques

44441      Human Genetics

This course includes study of human genome & human genetic disease, chromosomal abnormalities & cytogenetics, cancer genetics, immunogenetics, population genetics, genetics & society & ethical aspects of human genetics .

44451      Biochemistry II

This course gives an introduction to bioenergetics laws of thermodynamics & their role in metabolism ,types of metabolism & their regulation, detail study of intermediary metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, protein, nucleic acids ,heme, vitamins & special products like hormones. An introduction to mutation, gene expression & modification. 

44456      Bioinformatics

This course aims to provide familiarity with the primary database & common soft ware packages used to analyze DNA, RNA & protein sequences & structure. Student will be given the opportunity to develop skills for extracting, analyzing & presenting data from data bases with emphasis on biological context

44461     Tissue Culture

An introduction to tissue culture. The study of in vitro cultivation of cells under controlled conditions. The growth requirements such as growth chambers, medium components & controlling factors. Advantages & applications of tissue culture will be studied.

44462     Tissue Culture lab

This course covers all topics given in theory course 44461.

44463     Endocrinology

This course aims to study the nervous system & its relation to endocrine system, mechanism of hormone action, hormone classification ,complete study of human body gland ,study of their hormones &their physiological role.

44466     Hematology

Study the basic concepts of hematology including origin, growth & function of blood cells, hemoglobin & its function, blood coagulation & study different hematological diseases.

44471     Marine Biology

This course will describe topology & oceans floor, chemical properties of water, physical properties of oceans such as tides, waves formation & currents, distribution of marine animals, marine mammals & process of diving.

44491     Seminar

Biology students register this course are requested to choose an advanced biology topic and give seminar for this topic under supervision of one of department staff members

44492     Special Topics (1) 

This course covers certain selected and advanced topics in biology according to the department concern or supervision of the course teacher.

44493     Special Topics (2) 

This course aims to gie a detailed research project in one of advanced biology topics

44201     General Biology (3)

The course will cover topics that include nervous system, sensory perception, plant hormones, genetics and molecular biology, bio- molecules, microbial science, ecology, reproduction.

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