Hebron University - Mathematics Department


Mathematics, as everybody knows, lies at the heart of the physical and life sciences - physics, chemistry, and biology. More recently, mathematics led to, and again stands at the heart, of computer science and the closely related new information sciences. More importantly, mathematics is the reason behind all the recent progress in the areas of genomics and bioinformatics. It is not only the brains engine, but also, the stimulator behind other sciences as it requires analysis, deep thinking, ameliorating, and interpretation. Mathematics is simply the key and the mother of all science disciplines. 

The study of mathematics offers a unique and important way of interpreting the world around us, bringing accuracy and rigor to the quest for discovering patterns in observations both abstract and concrete. Thus the mission of our department is to provide solid research to enable students to cope with the recent developments in applied mathematics. We intend for mathematics majors to acquire a broad and solid base in mathematics enabling both further study and application. We are not aiming to provide mathematical education, but also producing highly qualified and well-rounded graduates possessing fundamental knowledge of computing and information technology who can provide leadership and service to the society.

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