Hebron University - Our mission and objectives

Our Mission

The College of Pharmacy & Medical Science at Hebron University aspires to be a center for advanced pharmaceutical and medical education to our students with a dedication to improving the overall health situation nationally, regionally and internationally.

We strive to provide our students with the latest information and expertise in several medical fields in an effort to offer a distinguished service to both the community and the private sector.

 Our Objectives

  • Improving the quality of the academic courses and keeping up with scientific progress and development in medical fields,
  • Encouraging scientific research in the field of pharmaceutical and medical laboratory sciences,
  • Maintaining high standards of scientific and applied research in pharmacy and medical laboratory sciences,
  • Providing undergraduates with balanced and thoughtful knowledge to bear moral responsibility in the field of the medical professions,
  • Providing all medical sectors with distinctively qualified graduates who hold recognized academic qualifications.
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