Hebron University - Medical Imaging Department

Goals and Learning Outcomes

  • Goal 1: Graduate clinically competent medical imaging specialist.

    • Students will demonstrate quality positioning skills.
    • Students will demonstrate quality technical skills.
    • Students will apply appropriate radiation safety practices.

    Goal 2: Students demonstrate effective communication skills.

    • Students will demonstrate good written medical communication skills.
    • Students will use effective communication to provide quality patient care.

    Goal 3: Students successfully apply critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

    • Students will demonstrate the ability to adjust technical factors for nonroutine situations.
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to adjust positioning for nonroutine situations.

    Goal 4: Students understand and practice professionalism.

    • Students will demonstrate an understanding of professionalism.
    • Students will adapt to human diversity.

    Goal 5: Program is effective at graduating entry level specialist.

    • Graduates will be qualified to join postgraduate programs in medical imaging science or other multidisciplinary science. 
    • Graduates will be qualified to join the Palestinian Medical Imaging Association. 
    • Graduates will be qualified to obtain the Palestinian Professional license in Medical Imaging from the Palestinian Ministry of Health. 
    • Graduates will be competent to apply for medical imaging job vacancies both in private and governmental sectors.
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