Hebron University - Medical Imaging Department

Mission & Vision


The vision of the department of medical imaging at Hebron University is to provide highly qualified graduates, well-educated, and innovative experts in the field of medical imaging who are advocates for patients, their profession, and the community through a variety of healthcare and practical courses, as well as research, and professional expertise. 

The graduates will be adaptable to varied medical imaging technologies with diverse medical imaging procedures and effectively interact with other members of the healthcare team to provide the best possible patient care.  

Mission Statement 

Medical imaging is considered an essential profession that mainly use to accurately detect and diagnose the vast majority of diseases by conducting several diagnostic examinations thus contributing in enhancing treatment efficiency. 

The medical imaging specialist is a professional, qualified by education and clinical experience to provide radiological services using a variety of radiological procedures. The technologist operates and adjusts radiological equipment and determines proper exposure factors so that optimum radiographic quality is achieved with a minimum of radiation exposure to the patient. Radiographers are employed primarily in hospitals, clinics, and doctors' offices, where they work closely with the other members of the healthcare team to help diagnose and treat patients.

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