Hebron University - Our mission and objectives


Our mission is to prepare well-qualified nurses who have the sound scientific knowledge and sufficient clinical experience to practice high quality nursing care. The expectations from our graduates are to meet the Palestinian society’s pivotal needs of health professionals who can enhance the variety and quality of our health services for individuals, families, and community. This aim can only be achieved through attracting new qualified academic staff, developing the current cadre, advancing our bachelor programme, and establishing new specialised courses that accord with the international scientific and technological developments in health sciences.  

Our Objectives

  • Providing a distinguished programme in nursing theory and practice,
  • Graduating well-qualified nurses to fulfill the current and the future health needs of Palestinian society,
  • Improving understanding of the requirements for a healthy life and the prevention of disease in Palestinian society,
  • Providing administrative nursing professionals with good practical experience and decision-making capabilities to meet the health needs of Palestinians,
  • Strengthening cooperation between different parts of the health sector,
  • Conducting research to solve the social, administrative and technical problems encountered in the nursing profession.
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