Hebron University - Nursing Science Department

Opportunities for Graduates

Areas of work to nursing graduates:

The adoption of clear and continuing modus operandi to develop human resources for the health sector is among the priorities and needs of the Palestinian health system. It is known that the development of human skills occupies the largest part of the total expenditure in this sector, hence the establishment of the college of nursing at Hebron University came concordant with the general philosophy of the health sector in Palestine. This is what deserves the most attention as the quality of human resources available to the health sector in Palestine determine to a large degree the quality and activities of health services provided to the Palestinians. Due to the increasing number of population and health institutions at Hebron district and Palestine in general, and in line with the new approach of educational institutions to produce nurses who have high level of scientific knowledge and practical experience to keep up with the new developments in the nursing role in the delivery of health services, Hebron University has established the College of Nursing, which is the only specialized college awarding a bachelor degree in nursing sciences at Hebron area.

Although the nursing profession is highly needed locally and internationally, the College of Nursing graduates nearly 30 students annually who are well trained and characterized by being technicians in their work. During their study at the college the students are trained on all practical skills required to perform their roles as staff nurses after graduation. Therefore, all of our graduates (totaling 194 graduates since the college is founded in 1998 until 2012) have got jobs in governmental, non-governmental, and private health institutions. These institutions are used to suffer from shortage of registered nursing staff with a bachelor's degree. Previously, students who wanted to study nursing were forced to travel outside Hebron District to get this certificate. Furthermore, many of our graduates have completed their higher studies and got master's degree or a specialized high diploma in one of the fields of nursing.

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