College of Art Third Cultural Festival

The College of Arts Third Cultural Festival was launched, on April, 6th, 2017 under the auspices of Dr. Nabil El- Jabari in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Ihab Bseiso. The festival includes a variety of exhibitions such as books, arts and crafts, francophone, wall pictures as well as an exhibition of geographical maps. The festival also includes a number of activities organized by different departments.  These activities include theatrical performances, poetry readings, and contests.  The opening included a theatrical performance entitled (On your left hand side) which talks about an important stage in Hebron University history when the university was broken into by a group of settlers.  Dr. Nabil El- Jabari gave a short speech in which he talked about the importance of universities in enhancing people's perseverance and steadfastness in their land. The Minister of Culture talked about the importance of cooperating with the university with regard to future cultural activities.