Hebron University - American Diplomatic Delegation Visits Hebron University

American Diplomatic Delegation Visits Hebron University


Dr. Nabil Al-Jabari, Chairman of Board of Trustees, received in his office the American Diplomatic Delegation that includes Mr. Philip Wilcox, Head of Peace Association in the Middle East in Washington and Former Consul in Jerusalem, Mr. Nicolas Vheliotis, Former American Ambassador to Egypt and Jordan, and Mr. Arthur Hughes, Former American Ambassador to Yemen, in the presence of Prof. Ahmad Atawneh, President of Hebron University, Dr. Khaled Qawasmi, Former Minister of Local Government, Dr. Sami Odwan, Political Activist, and a number of deans of colleges at the university.

Dr. Al-Jabari welcomed the delegation and presented a detailed explanation about Hebron University and the political situations in the region. He also mentioned that, the peace sponsors and the supreme power in the region shall shoulder responsibility towards achieving peace.

Dr. Al-Jabari talked about the difficulties that face the higher education institutions in Palestine with regard to the inability of universities to bring distinguished staff members from abroad. In addition, he talked about the difficulty of moving freely between the cities, the matter which will be negatively reflected on the quality of education in the Palestinian universities.

The delegation expressed their appreciation of Hebron University's achievements in the technological, scientific, and literary fields. After that, the delegation went on a tour to the old city of Hebron and Al-Shuhada Street through which they saw the violations committed by the settlers against the Palestinians in the old city. They also described the old city of Hebron as a "Ghost City".

The delegation praised the high morale of Palestinians despite of all obstacles and hardships they face because of the occupation policy and the general political situation.

Dr. Al-Jabari mentioned that the external roads that connect between the governorates are controlled by the occupation forces who can close or open them whenever or however they want.

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