Hebron University - Hebron University Ranks First in Palestine Debates Program

Hebron University Ranks First in Palestine Debates Program


Hebron University won the final debate competition (Palestine Debates) organized by Falastinyat Foundation in the Medical Relief theater in Ramallah and in the presence of a number of officials and students from both universities. The final competition was between Hebron University the Arab American University on a topic titled (This council sees Individual Freedom more important than State Security).

The arbitration committee praised the level of Hebron University team after defeating 5 universities in the three stages of the competition in which 6 universities from the West Bank and 4 from Gaza Strip participated to address political, economic, societal, and cultural issues that concern the Palestinian youth and society. Hebron University team was qualified to be ranked first among Palestinian universities in order to compete with Al- Azhar University in Gaza.

This competition comes to choose a team that represents the state of Palestine on both the Arab and international levels. The competition is based on research methods, analyzing, and the ability of supporting information in a way that serves the discussion positively.

Dr. Emad Bishtawi, Head of Political Science Department at Hebron University supervised the team represented by students (Anwar Amro, Mu'taz Al-Nazir, Mazen Al-Zarou, Shada Salhab, Diya' Eghrayyib, Rawan Sider, and Alia Abdel Nabi). 

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