Hebron University - New Book Published: Palestine Membership in the United Nations

New Book Published: Palestine Membership in the United Nations


A new book entitled “Palestine Membership in the United Nations: Legal and Practical Implications” was published by Cambridge Scholars, UK (473 pages, hardcover, with index). The book, edited by Dr. Mutaz Qafisheh, Dean of the College of Law of Hebron University, is the outcome of the international conference that took place in Hebron University in April 2012.

This book aims to bridge the scientific gap that exists with regard to Palestine’s membership of the UN as a State. As international law cannot operate outside the context of the global political atmosphere, the book focuses on the international legal dimension as well as the political/practical aspects of UN statehood recognition. With chapters written by leading international scholars, this collection is directed to those concerned with the strengthening of international law and the UN. Complex issues of representation and the confusing situation of citizenship, given the multiple residential circumstances in which Palestinians are forced to live, are explored with unsurpassed clarity.

The book consists of three parts. Part I presents the framework of Palestine’s UN membership, its legal and political foundations, its implications for PLO representation, Palestinian refugees and population status, and its impact on concerned parties. Part II focuses on selected issues that arise in relation to Palestine’s UN membership, including human rights, humanitarian law, international criminal law, prisoners, Jerusalem, water and the accession to the WTO. Part III connects the history with future solutions for Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Dr. Qafisheh holds a Ph.D. in International Law (distinction), Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland.

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