Hebron University - Signing an Academic Cooperation Agreement with Ching-Yang Koran University

Signing an Academic Cooperation Agreement with Ching-Yang Koran University


The Korean delegation includes Dr. Beyong-Yu, Dean of International Education Faculty & Director of International Health Care Center, and Dr. Kim, from the Department of Education and Counseling & Head of Youth Research Center, visited Hebron University. Prof. Ahmad Atawnah, President of the Hebron University, welcomed them in his office and presented an overview about the history of establishing the university, the stages of academic and urban development, and the programs offered by the university. They discussed the means of academic cooperation between the two universities. After that, the delegation listen to the deans of colleges at the university who in turn presented a brief explanation about their colleges and research projects. They also discussed the issue of academic and research cooperation with the Korean delegation.  

The Korean delegation expressed their particular attention in terms of supporting health and medical professions programs that have been recently accredited. They also discussed establishing a cultural cooperation center and teaching the Korean language at the university which are considered among the Korean priorities.

The delegation concluded the visit by a tour in the university campus to take an overview about the facilities and academic centers in the university. The guest delegation expressed its appreciation for the university concern of teaching females in general, and mothers in particular who, collectively, form one third of students' community. 

At the end of the meeting, the presidents of Ching-Yang and Hebron universities completed the procedures of signing the agreement. 

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