Hebron University - Hebron University Welcomes TEMPUS Delegation

Hebron University Welcomes TEMPUS Delegation


Prof. Ahmad Atawneh, President of Hebron University, welcomed Dr. Nidal Jayyousi, Director of TEMPUS office / Ramallah, Dr. Yousef Najajra, Dean of Scientific Research at Al-Quds University, Miss Aya Fugaha' from TEMPUS office, and in the presence of Dr. Nimer Abu Zahra, Director of Internationalization Program funded by the EU.

They discussed the importance of the internationalization program within the Palestinian universities and the possibility of developing the project to include other universities.

The president also discussed the importance of finding a mechanism that supports HU by TEMPUS and the EU. Dr. Jayyousi asserted TEMPUS program in coordination with Palestinian universities and the future plans in Palestine.

He also urged universities to present the largest number of researches and to look for partners who offer the project, the matter which enhances exchanging faculty members, information, programs, and finds new programs in cooperation with Palestinian and European universities.

Dr. Najajra talked about the challenges that face the two universities implementing the project since the project focuses on bringing European students to Palestinian universities.

He also raised the issue of obstacles faced by the Israeli authorities that prevent Europeans from obtaining a visa for more than three months. Meanwhile, Dr. Jayyousi asserted the necessity of having faculty members to meet each other so as to discuss the challenges they face and to form joint projects to help the Palestinian universities. 


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