Hebron University - Workshops on Creative Writing and Photography

Workshops on Creative Writing and Photography

English-French and Media departments, in cooperation with Media Center at HU, organized two workshops on creative writing and photography.

The workshop on creative writing tackled daily life-related topics of students who study French in Palestine in general and in Hebron in particular, along with the prohibitions under the Israeli occupation.

The workshop included enriching students with creative writing skills and academic writing rules. The workshop was supervised by the French writer Jerald Dumon.

In the photography workshop, the French photographer Julian Julan presented information that enhances and boosts the skills of media students in the field of photography.

It is worth mentioning that, these workshops were supervised by staff members from the French Language Resource Center, Media Department, and Media Center at the university. The audience asked for the continuation of such workshops due to their valuable impact developing the academic and practical skills of students.    

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