Hebron University - Hebron University Signs A Cooperation Agreement with the Palestine Telecommunications Company

Hebron University Signs A Cooperation Agreement with the Palestine Telecommunications Company


The chairman of Hebron University Board of Trustees Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari received  in his office  a delegation  from the Palestine Telecommunication  Company  represented by  the director general of the Company Abdul-Majeed Milhim, the director of the Company’s Sales Department ‘Issa  Du’aybis  and a number of the Company’s directors in  the presence  of Mr. Jawdi Abu-Sneineh member of Hebron University Board of Trustees, Prof.Dr. Ahmad Atawneh President of the University, Mr. Muhammad Ziyad Al-Ja’abar Administrative Vice President and Mr. Muhammad Zuhour director of the Computer Center.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Al-Ja’abari welcomed the  guest delegation. He emphasized the importance of the dual partnership with the Palestine Telecommunications  Company. He wished that all institutions of the private sector in Palestine support  non-profit educational institutions in order to contribute  in developing  the society and finding  jobs for   the largest possible number of Palestinian youths  who are  unemployed and  in building  serious relationship  for building a better through  mutual cooperation . He emphasized  the need of the Palestinian society for  big projects which have  continuity  and real results  for the universities and the students.

On his part, Abdul-Majeed Milhim  director general  talked about  horizons for cooperation  with Hebron University.He  expressed his pride in his being  one of the graduates of this University. He indicated that Hebron University has witnessed  a big development  in positive change in  the Palestinian academic course. Milhim expressed that this partnership  comes to embody  the permanent cooperation  with the  different Palestinian universities  starting from  the responsibility of the Company  and the Group towards the society  and the education sector in particular.

At the end of the meeting, the President of the University and  the director general of the Palestine Telecommunications Company signed  an agreement to supply the University with Internet  through the PalTel  light fibers.

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