Hebron University - Hebron University Celebrates the Graduation of the Thirty-Ninth Group of Its Students

Hebron University Celebrates the Graduation of the Thirty-Ninth Group of Its Students


Hebron University celebrated in the University campus  the graduation of the thirty-ninth group of its students for the BA, MA degrees and the Higher Diploma in the presence of Hebron University  Board of Trustees chairman Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari, members of the Board of Trustees, the President of the University, members of the teaching and administrative staff, the chairman of the  Legislative Council Dr. ‘Aziz Al-Duwaik and a number of the Council members,  his excellency the Governor of Hebron Mr. Kamil Humaid, former Kenesset member Talab Al-Sani’, the President of Palestine Polytechnic University Dr. Ibrahim Al-Masri, the director of the Directorate of Education in Hebron Mrs. Nisreen ‘Amr, representatives of institutions and activities, presidents of the societies and a big  throng of the families and relatives of the graduates. At five p.m. the procession of the graduates  led by Dr. Hasan Fulaifil and before them  came the University Scouts, followed by the procession of the teaching staff led by Prof. Dr. Ahmad Atawneh , then members of the Board of Trustees  headed by Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari amidst the clapping of the audience and popular songs. The celebration began by some verses from the Holy Quran read by Muhammad Al-Hashlamoun, then the Palestinian national anthem and reading the Fatihah on the souls of  the University martyrs and the martyrs of Palestine , then the University anthem. After this, Prof.Dr. Ahmad Atawneh  the University President  gave a speech in which he welcomed  the audience and the relatives of the graduates  and congratulated the graduates and their families on this joyful occasion. He emphasized the care of the University  administration  to develop and upgrade it  to fulfill the needs  of the  society in the Hebron Governorate in particular and  Palestine in general. He pointed out to the accreditation of the Faculty of Law recently  which includes the Department of Jurisprudence  and Law, the Department of General Law, the Department of Private Law in addition to  working on completing the accreditation procedures for  five new BA program which include  BA in Science and Technology of the Environment, BA  in Security and Protection  of Computer Networks, BA in Special Education, BA in Midwifery, and BA in Medical and Laboratory Science. The University is also in the process of completing the accreditation procedures  for  five new MA programs which include MA in  Guidance and Counseling , MA  in Mathematics, MA in Chemistry , MA in Child Health and MA in Chronic Diseases Care. The University President pointed out to the excellence  in  attaining by the University graduates of high leadership positions  in the governmental, institutional  and economic sectors, as well as the excellence of the University students  on the level of the homeland in many specializations  including Law, nursing, French-English and projects of Computer Science. He also talked about the expansion in University buildings. Three thousand square meters have been built this year. Five laboratories in the Faculty of Pharmacy have been equipped. The University studios and Radio ‘Alam have been equipped .A number of Chemistry laboratories  have been modernized. At the conclusion of his speech  the President of the University   recited the Oath of the Graduates and the graduates repeated it after him.

The distinguished student  in the University  Safaa’ Muhammad Asa’ad  Zalloum  from the Biology Department  gave the speech of the graduates. She expressed her pride in the University  which was and still is the beacon  for science and scientists and which drew on the face of each graduate  the medal of pride.  She expressed her thanks and gratitude  to the University administration and  all the employees in it at the top of whom  is the chairman of the Board of Trustees  Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari  who took the hands of his sons the students  during the past years  and through his effort, knowledge and care  made them reach the land of safety. He led them as he led  groups before them. He will also lead  generations after them, God willing, on the road of building our society and our dear homeland. Student Zalloum  addressed  all the students of University saying:”I command you to preserve the soil of this  time-honored edifice so that the name of Hebron University  remains  high….. the University of  pride.”

The distinguished student who ranked the first in the University  Majid salameh Al-‘Asam gave the speech of the graduates of the  Intensive Academic Program . He expressed his thanks and great gratitude for Hebron University, the chairman of its Board of Trustees Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari, members of the Board of Trustees , and teachers of the University  which had  been open for them since its establishment, after they had been like the orphans on the table of the wicked, and after they nearly got lost  in the  seas  of identity  and lose the compass. So the University  rescued them, embraced them  and returned them to the ship of the homeland. He added:” Yes, history  will write this role for this University. It will also write  that  there had been among its graduates  scientists, mayors, and political and social  leaderships. It had a great effect on the society of the Interior (the 1948 Arabs). They contributed in restoring its Palestinian identity. History will write  that the University continued its giving  in this domain  to crown it by opening  the Intensive Studies Program for its children the Arabs of the Interior. Here we are the first fruits  of this pioneering effort. So may God bless it  and bless its administration  and may it remain as  treasure for our country.”

Then member of the Board of Trustees  Dr. Nader Hijazi gave a speech  in which he discussed the stages of the development of the University since  its bases had been laid by his excellency  the late  Sheikh Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Ja’abari  to be a firmly established symbol for the steadfastness of  the Palestinian people  on  its land and  an educational and cultural entity, arriving at the stage in which Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari hoisted again the banner of  the University  to make it a beacon  for science and a meeting place for scientist in  a framework which simulates  the sciences of the age and the needs of the society. He emphasized the importance of national unity  between the two halves of the homeland. He indicate that Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari  was among the ones who took the initiative and called  in various  podiums  to kill this sedition  since it started. Dr. Hijazi  wished success and good luck for the graduates demanding them to be the best ambassadors  in serving the homeland.

Dr. nabil Al-Ja’abari chairman of the Board of Trustees began his speech  by congratulating the graduates and their families. He  expressed his happiness at seeing the  joy on the faces of the graduates and their families. Dr. Al-Ja’abari demanded  the Prime Minister to lower  taxes and prices so that young people can get married and establish  families under the  difficult circumstances through which  the Palestinian people is passing. He stressed  the importance of stabling  the independent Palestinian state that enjoys  freedom and law with Jerusalem as its capital. He emphasized that this state will not come into being   except by our efforts and our preserving  of every atom of its precious soil.  He added:”We pledged to God and the land that we will not go away from this land . We shall  remain planted  in it like the  olive trees.” He   offered a greeting  of admiration and respect  to all the Palestinians who adhered to the Palestinian land and did not leave it despite  the occupiers in the Geen Line.  Dr. Al-Ja’abari addressed the graduates in his speech demanding them  to be servants for the Palestinian people and not rulers for it. He wished that the Palestinian leaderships  to work  for achieving  the dream of the Palestinian people  in freedom and independence.

The celebration was interspersed by artistic presentations by the University Chorale. After this, Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari  and with the participation of  members of the Board of Trustees and the President of the University honored  the distinguished students and distributed the certificates among the graduates.



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