Hebron University - Hebron University Opens the Activities of the Summer Excellence and Pioneering Camp for 2013

Hebron University Opens the Activities of the Summer Excellence and Pioneering Camp for 2013

Under the patronage of Dr. nabil Al-Ja’abari chairman  of Hebron University Board of Trustees , the activities of the Summer Excellence and Pioneering Camp for  2013  were opened  with the participation of  more than fifty male and female students  from  excellent school students  for the ninth, tenth and eleventh grades in the Hebron  Governorate. Dr. Al-Ja’abari welcomed the participating students and indicated that Hebron University  embraces science and scientists , takes care of distinguished and excellent students, and seeks to develop their understanding and abilities and embracing their creative ideas to effect  a positive change in their  lives in order to serve  their Palestinian society.

The Excellence and Pioneering Camp at Hebron University aims  to grow and develop  skills of thinking, creativity and excellence  among the participants, provide the participant with the opportunity to get acquainted with  university education and how to choose  the specialization in the future  and to provide  many opportunities  to learn and acquire  scientific and practical knowledge  in different scientific topics, in addition to helping  the participants  in building leadership skills and  self-dependence whereby  the program helps  to broaden  knowledge for the participants and make them acquire different skills in addition  to growing the creative thinking  among the participants.

The participants will be trained in  topics which include using e-learning  in teaching , how to develop creative thinking , methods of studying and excellence, skills of presentation  and how to use the smart pad, special topics in the English language, leadership skills, solar energy and alternative energy, practical experiment in scientific laboratories, athletic activities and Palestinian heritage and other distinguished topics. The Summer Excellence  and Pioneering  Camp will open the way for the participating students  to pass through the experience  of university life whereby the activities of the Summer Excellence and pioneering Camp will continue for three weeks and it will be held yearly at Hebron University.

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