Hebron University - The Chairman of Hebron University Board of Trustees Visits an Archeological Excavation Site

The Chairman of Hebron University Board of Trustees Visits an Archeological Excavation Site

The chairman of Hebron University Board of Trustees Dr. nabil Al-Ja’abari  accompanied by the  Administrative Vice President, the dean of  the Faculty of Arts, the chairman of the Archeology Department and the  director of the University Center for Qualification and Reinforcement  visited a training  archeological excavation site for the students of Archeology Department  in khirbet Al-Dhahdhah. Dr. Al-Ja’abari listened  to a detailed explanation  on what the students and those supervising them do  in the research  processes. Dr. ‘Adnan Abu-Dayyeh emphasized that  the students learn  methods of digging and excavation according to scientific standards. The students document  information through writing  daily detailed reports  in Arabic and English  under academic supervision through which work is monitored according to known  scientific and international criteria. Digging in the site continues  to uncover  the function of the place  which goes back to the Byzantine period  with the possibility of  the existence of  service industrial construction such as aqueducts, presses and wells. Some discovered archeological materials were carried to  the University Museum in the city of Hebron. Dr. Al-Ja’abari  expressed his happiness  with the effort  put by the Archeology students in order to make progress in this domain. He wished  that the hands of Palestinian excavators reach the archeological sites before the foreigners do so that there will be independency.

At the end of the meeting, the academic team and the participating students thanked Dr. Al-Ja’abari for his visit and for his continuous support  for developing the Archeology Department at the University.

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