Hebron University - A Delegation from the British Council Visits Hebron University

A Delegation from the British Council Visits Hebron University


President of Hebron University Prof. Dr. Ahmad Atawneh  received  a delegation from the British Council which included the chairman of the Council in London Mr. Vyron , the director of the British Council for the Middle east and North Africa region Mr. Adrian Chadwick and the director of the British Council in Palestine Mr. Alan Smart in the presence of Dr. Bassam Al-Manasreh the Academic Vice President and Dr. Salah Al-Shrouf the Dean othe faculty of Arts.

Prof. Dr. Atawneh welcomed the visiting delegation  and he gave a glimpse about  the establishment of the University and the stages of its development as well as  a detailed explanation about its academic programs. The President went through the development witnessed by the University  in the various construction  and academic domains  through the research and projects carried out by the University.

On his part, Mr. Vyron thanked the University  President for receiving the delegation and he congratulated him   for his new post. Mr. Smart the director of the British Council in Palestine  indicated that the relationship between the Council and the University is a distinguished relationship. He put forth  ideas about the possibility of developing the joint cooperation between the University and the British Council specially  the study grants program (Hespal) and the international English language test (EILTS) which is held  in the campus of Hebron University. Mr.  Smart emphasized that  the Council is in the stage of studying  joint cooperation  with Hebron University to hold  sessions for teaching English in its various stages in cooperation with the University.

The Academic Vice President Dr. Manasreh    pointed out    the  importance  of  joint cooperation with the British Council. He emphasized the necessity of achieving joint twinships between the faculties of Hebron University and  British faculties through which  exchange of  academic cadre, joint research , conferences and workshops  are done. Dr. Salah Al-Shrouf Dean of the faculty of Arts  explained the cooperation existing  between the British Council and  Hebron University . A joint talk took place among the conferees  about the problems and the impediments  which face Palestinian universities in general  through the economic circumstances  faced by the Palestinian people, shortage of  academic cadres and the checkpoints  and security  barricades imposed by the Israeli occupation which  form an impediment for the movement of the students and academic cadres inside and outside Palestine. At the end of the meeting  a short film about the stages of the development of  the University nad its future development plans was shown.

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