Hebron University - Hebron University Holds a Complementary Workshop on Methods of Fighting Agricultural Epidemics and Diseases

Hebron University Holds a Complementary Workshop on Methods of Fighting Agricultural Epidemics and Diseases

Under the patronage of Dr.  Nabil Al-Ja’abari chairman of Hebron University Board of Trustees, the Plant Production  and Protection Department  in the Faculty of Agriculture held a workshop on “The Complementary Methods for Fighting Agricultural Epidemics and Diseases” . The workshop was oorganized and run by Dr. Tala’at Abu-Rajab Al-Tameemi chairman of the Plant Production and Protection Department.

Dr. Sabri Zughayyer dean of the Faculty of Agriculture  in the University opened the workshop with welcoming  the guests. He emphasized that holding such  activities is one of the most important tasks of the Faculty in order to communicate with the local society and in which the most recent scientific and practical innovations in agricultural production and protection are presented.

The workshop was attended by several representatives of governmental and non-governmental departments  and the private sector  the most important of which are the Ministry of Agriculture, the Directorates of  Agriculture in Hebron, Doura and Bethlehem in addition to  specialists in the Ministry  of Environment, the institutions of the Union of agriculture Work, the Institute of Applied research (Areej), the Insects Laboratory Station at Al-‘Arroub  and a number of farmers and interested persons.

Dr. Abdul-Jaleel Hamdan specialist  in  the science  of   insects opened the scientific lectures by giving a lecture on the most important research and projects which were  published in refereed scientific journals  which were implemented under his supervision with the participation of a number of researchers  in the economical laboratories of insects  during the period  2003-2013. Dr. Abdul-Jaleel presented the recommendations  from these  research papers on methods of complementary fighting  of grapes epidemics such as  grapes  moth, grapes insect, grapes filoxtra in addition to the main epidemics of the olive trees such as the olives fly, the olives Pscilla. The presentation also included  the resuls and recommendations  of the research studies implemented on the complementary fighting of the white tombac fly, the tunnels fly on tomatoes in addition to the moth of tunnels of tomatoes.

Teacher Muhammad Al-Masri researcher  in the Faculty of Agriculture  talked about “Methods for Improving Solar Sterilization of Soil in Fighting Diseases and Epidemicsultural soil in mountainous areas. Solar sterilization is distinguished  in that it is environmentally safe and of little cost so that we can do without chemical pesticides which harm  human health and the environment.

Mr. Ibrahim Ghannam director of Al-‘Arroub Agricultural Station  run by the Faculty of Agriculture at hebron University talked about  methods of chemical fighting of the Hallock which is considered one of the most important parasites in vegetables fields and it causes economical losses.

The students of the Principles of Agriculture Extension  course presented a group of artistic glimpses  on the profession of the agricultural engineer  and his role in interaction with the local society  under the supervision of  the teacher of the course  Dr. ‘Ayid salameh.

Engineer Muhammed Atawneh opopened the evening scientific session  with a lecture which included presenting  the MA research which he implemented at  the laboratories of the Plant Production and Protection Department  with the supervision of  Dr. Abdul-Jaleel Hamdan which included a field and laboratory study  on monitoring and fighting the  moth tunnels of tomatoes in open fields  and in plastic field. The research was implemented at Al-‘Arroub Agricultural Station in the period 2011-2013.

Agricultural engineer Fidaa’ Abu-Sharar talked  about the disease of  disfiguring of the manga flowers and methods of fighting it    biologically by means of the Trichoderma fungi and chemically  by means of  a specialized  parasite  exterminator. This disease is very important because it causes  big  economical losses for the farmers.

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