Hebron University - Hebron University Establishes a Tent for Supporting Handicapped Students

Hebron University Establishes a Tent for Supporting Handicapped Students

Hebron University in  partnership with Qader Institution For Societal development established a tent for supporting  handicapped students in the University campus. The tent aimed at supporting the issues of handicapped students at Palestinian universities.

The tent was opened with welcoming remarks by Prof. Dr. Ahmad Atawneh who valued  the role of the students participating in the project to support  the issues of their colleagues  the handicapped students. He clarified the  role of Hebron University in  supporting the issues of handicap and standing by their  side in order  to support them in achieving  their dreams in studying at the university  in an equivalent way with  the rest of their colleagues.

Mrs. Lana Bandak director general of Qader institution  praised  the efforts of the University in dealing with the  activities of the project. She emphasized that the most important outputs of the project  are changing  the stereotype about handicapped persons, their role in the society, their ability to enroll in higher education and the necessity  of suiting the universities to the needs of these students including study materials and  supporting equipment.

Mr. Hakam Al-Ja’abari  director of Students’ Affairs  at Hebron University thanked  the representatives of Qader  Institution for their role  in  raising the awareness of the society  for important issues such as  the issue of handicapped students. He added that Hebron University will always stand by the students to upgrade their situation.

It is worth mentioning that the project  is implemented  in both Hebron University and Al-Quds University for one year with the support of the Catholic Relief Services  and financed by the  American Agency for Development. The activities of this Tent continue till Thursday 9/5/2013 . The opening of this Tent was accompanied by several activities  such as showing films related to issues of handicap and discussing them  in the presence of students from different courses with Mr. ‘Umar  Ziyad coordinator of the Higher Council for the handicapped in the Ministry of Social Affairs. He dealt with the issues related to  the role of the civil society  institutions in supporting the issues of handicap and the necessity of institutionalizing work inside the universities  so that the students are able to study in an equivalent way with the rest of the students.

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