Hebron University - Hebron University holds a Workshop on Awareness and Environmental Education

Hebron University holds a Workshop on Awareness and Environmental Education

Under the patronage of Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari chairman of Hebron University board of trustees and within the environmental activities done by the  Faculty of Agriculture and which include  scientific research, preserving bio-diversity, rehabilitation of dry areas and water harvest, the faculty in coordination with  the Directorate of Education in Hebron implemented a workshop about  awareness and environmental education  in schools, through the project of environmental awareness   supervised by Prof. Dr. Ayid Salamah.

At the beginning of the workshop, Dr. Sabri Zughayyar dean of the  Faculty of Agriculture  emphasized the importance of environmental awareness  and the necessity of joint work  in a order to make  preserving the environment a fixed culture among the individuals of the society. He indicated that the University  is fully prepared to cooperate with the various institutions in order to serve the  homeland and the citizen in this domain.


Mrs. Nisreen ‘Amr  director of the Directorate of Education in Hebron talked about the importance of environmental awareness  and institutional work in order to upgrade  the Palestinian environmental reality. She also praised the role of the University represented in its  chairman of the board of trustees  in giving the opportunity    for joint cooperation  between the University and the different  Palestinian national institutions. Dr. Yousef ‘Amr  professor of water and geology at Hebron University gave a lecture  on water in Palestine and ways for preserving it. This was followed by a lecture by Dr. Sanaa’  Abu-Ghosh  professor in the faculty of Education on the role  of  education in  reinforcing  the behavior of   preserving the environment.

Mr. Nidal  Kaatbeh  advisor of the Minister of Environment for the climatic change affairs  talked in his lecture about  climatic change and its effect  in Palestine.  Mr. Usamah Al-Ju’aba from the Korean School  talked about the school environmental clubs  and their effect in promoting and spreading  environmental culture among  school students  and  its effect  on the future of the  Palestinian society.

At the end, Dr. Ayid Salamah emphasized  that environmental awareness is a communal responsibility. In order to achieve this aim, all efforts should be combined  in order to reinforce  positive behavior  among school students towards the environment and making it a fixed culture.

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