Hebron University Honors Its Outstanding Students in the faculty Of Science and Technology

The University under the patronage of Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari chairman of the board of trustees  held a celebration to  honor  its outstanding students in the Faculty of Science and Technology whose number was more than  150 male and female students in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ahmad Atawneh President  of the Unievsrity , the dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Dr. Nabil  Al-Hasasneh.

The President of the University thanked the organizers of the  celebration and indicated that  these activities have a positive role in motivating the outstanding students and encouraging them. Dr. Hasasneh praised  the  distinguished  academic  achievement and he urged the necessity of the existence of the spirit  of scientific competition and perseverance among the students. Female student Bushra  Al_Junaidi from the Department of  Mathematics  gave  the speech of the outstanding students  and she thanked the University represented by its chairman of the board of trustees for their continuous support of the students and their efforts in graduating  elite students. At the end of the celebration, recognition certificates and prizes were distributed among the outstanding students.