Hebron University - Hebron University Carries Out an Environmental Day for School Girls

Hebron University Carries Out an Environmental Day for School Girls

Hebron University held a  scientific environmental day  fro female students of the environmental clubs  in several schools in cooperation with the Directorate of Education in Hebron. It included a field trip  to the area of ‘Ain Nunqar  Hebron  during which the female students were divided into several groups in order to study  the environmental system in that area. A group of the female students collected  samples  from the environment which included  plants, some insects and rocks.  Another group studied  the environmental system  in the area represented in ‘Ain Nunqar  for water. The female students  recorded the causes of water pollution in that area. The third group recorded the threats to  biological diversity.

The female students were accompanied by Mr. Usamah Al-Ju’aba  coordinator of the environmental club at the Korean-Palestinian School. The principal of  the Korean School Mr. Muhammad Iqnaibi welcomed  the groups and discussed before them  the efforts exerted  in order to form “ A Gathering of School Environmental Clubs”. Each group presented the results they reached. Dr. Sabri Zughayyar, dean of the Faculty of Agraiculture , Dr.’Ayid Ghalib coordinator of the environmental awareness project  from Hebron University,Mrs. Wafaa’ Al-Karaki  headmistress of  Widad Naser Al-Deen Girls Secondary School, Deena Al-Za’atari  headmistress of Barakat School  and Mr. Muhammad Iqnaibi principal of  the Korean School  and a group of female teachers attended the environmental day. There was  a discussion among all present  about the importance of maintaining  the natural  resources in that area . At the end of the meeting, Dr. Sabri Al-Zughayyar expressed his admiration  of what he had seen  in the presentation by the girl students. He  thanked  the headmistresses and female teachers  for being interested in such activities and he presented a glimpse  about the different specializations at Hebron University in general and the role of the University and the Faculty of Agriculture in serving the society in particular. Dr. ‘Ayid Ghalib  talked about  bio-diversity in Palestine and the importance of  environmental awareness in schools  in order to preserve this diversity. On her part, Mrs. Wafaa’ Al-Karaki  thanked Hebron University  represented by the Faculty of Agriculture  for sponsoring  this day and she urged the female students to be interested in scientific research.

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