Hebron University - Hebron University Receives a Delegation from the International Bank and the Ministry of Education

Hebron University Receives a Delegation from the International Bank and the Ministry of Education


A delegation from the International Bank headed by Dr. Caroline Anesty, executive director of the International bank, Mrs. Miriam Sherman, director of the Internationa Bank in Palestine, assistant deputy of the Ministry of Education Dr.Basri Saleh and Dr. Shahenaz Al-Far director of the national Institute for Training and the local expert of the project  visited Hebron University  to follow up  the project of qualifying the teachers which is implemented by Hebron University to train 400 male and female teachers  in the Hebron Governorate schools  in 4 groups each of which consists of 100 male and female teachers for four years and financed by the International bank.

Prof.Dr. Ahmad Atawneh President of Hebron University  welcomed the visiting  delegation and gave  them a glimpse about Hebron University and the development plan. He talked about the experience of Hebron University   in the Excellence Center emphasizing the importance of holding an educational conference  to present  the successful experiences of the teachers in the project. He also discussed with the visiting delegation the problems of school teaching. The President of the University thanked the International Bank and the Ministry of Education  for supporting and financing this pioneering project expressing his confidence in the success of implementing the project.

Then the visiting delegation went to the training laboratories in the Faculty of Education. They met the trainers and some participating school teachers. Dr. Nabil Al-Jundi coordinator  of the project gave an explnantion about the  work mechanisms in the project. Mr. Muhammad Mur’ib and Mr. Abdul-Mun’im Qabah gave a simplified explanation about the training. After this the delegation  met with some teachers whereby the visitors expressed their admiration of the efforts  put to make the project succeed through the activities done by the University. They focused on  the distinguished educational outputs  emanating from the project and which took the teachers from traditional teaching to modern teaching which focuses on student participation.

At the end of the workshop Dr. Anesty expressed her happiness at the success achieved on the ground  by the project. Dr. Basri  and Dr. Shahenaz  praised the importance of this project and the way it was implemented in the University.

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