Hebron University - Hebron University Holds a Training Session for the Diabetes Patients

Hebron University Holds a Training Session for the Diabetes Patients

Within the activities done by the Department of Nutrition and Food Processing in the Faculty of Agriculture and in cooperation with  the health services department  in the UNRWA, a training session was held for the students of  the Nutrition and Food Processing Department  on the role of awareness and guidance for patients  of non-current chronic diseases 9diabetes patients) , their causes, consequences and the role of advanced health care in lessening the dangers of the disease.

The workshop comes as an introduction  for several  subsequent training sessions     which aim at  embodying the partnership between providers of health services in the UNRWA and the Ministry of Health  with the academic institutions at the top of which are the universities in the homeland.

Dr. sabri Zughayyar dean of the faculty of Agriculture in the name of the University and the Faculty welcomed the audience from all institutions. He pointed out that this activity comes within a series of activities  done by the Faculty  as embodiment for  the vision of the University  in joint work to serve the Palestinian society. He emphasized that health awareness for the diabetes patients plays an essential role  in lessening the dangers of this disease in the future.

Mrs. Vera Sansour (coordinator of  sessions program) thanked Hebron University  and its  administration for the goof welcome and cooperation  for the sake of the public interest of the Palestinian society.

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Wohoush  head of the program of  health awareness for  patients of non-current diseases  emphasized the importance  of the held session in guiding the Palestinian society towards a better health future.

A large number of students from the Nutrition and Department and the faculty of Nursing in the University, a group of physicians and nurses  heads and workers  in the health clinics of the UNRWA attended the meeting.

At the end of the session, it was agreed to continue  holding the training sessions to raise the awareness  and to guide  diabetes patients in the different clinics of the UNRWA.

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