Hebron University - Hebron University Hosts An American Academic Delagation

Hebron University Hosts An American Academic Delagation


The President of Hebron University Prof. Dr. Ahmad Atawneh  in cooperation with the  Palestinian American  Research  Ceneter (PARC)  received  an American academic delegation in the presence of  Dr. Bassam Manasreh the Academic Vice president, Mr. Na’im Al-Da’our Director of the President office and Dr. Amjad Shehab director of the Public Affairs Department. The President of the University welcomed  the  guests and emphasized the importance of scientific research and the necessity of developing research in order to achieve its goals.

 The President of the University discussed  the most important difficulties which face researchers such as meagerness of tools and potentials in comparison with other universities and the need of this research for American and European support.

Mrs. Penelope Michel the American director of the Research Center talked about the importance of coordination  and communication with Palestinian universities and researchers  for  the importance of clarifying  the picture about the Palestinian situation  in general and the academic situation in particular.

During the visit of the delegation to Radio ‘Alam , the director of  the Media and Radio  Center Mr. Talal Al-Ja’abari presented a detailed explanation  about the establishment of Radio ‘Alam  and its importance in serving  the students of  the Media department  in the University in particular and the University students in general and  the role of the media  in conveying information and spreading awareness. The delegation also visited the Legal Clinic whereby  its director Dr. Mu’taz Qaffeesheh  gave a presentation about  the stages of the development of the Clinic and its role in serving the students of the Jurisprudence and Law department.

The delegation included a number of researchers at different American universities  and they are: Dr. Christopher  Daniels from Florida University, Dr. Tiphanie Davies from Chicago State University, Dr. Cynthia Franklin from Hawaii University, Dr. Byron Uri from Jackson University, Dr. Robert Ross, dr. Star Sieg, Dr. Sousan Shipler , Dr. Diana  Telengast from Saint Jose University, Dr. Camella Fiswisran  from the University  of Texas at Austin, and Dr. Erica Williams from Spillman University.

A number of academics who are researchers  in several domains  met with them and they are: the advisor of the Faculty of Nursing Mrs. Carol Al-Ja’abari , the Dean of the  Faculty of Nursing Dr. Hussein Al-Jabareen, the chair of the English Department Dr. Raghad Dweik, Prof. Dr. Radwan Barakat from the Faculty of  Agriculture, Dr. Mu’taz Qaffeesheh director of the Legal clinic, Dr. Abdul-Qader Al-Jabareen chairman of the History Department, Dr. Tareq  Da’ana from the Political Science department, Mrs. Suleika Al-Qadi  from the Media Department and Muna Irzeqat  from the Public Affairs deparment

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