Hebron University - The Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Accompanying Delegation Visit the Arabs of Al-Rashaydeh

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Accompanying Delegation Visit the Arabs of Al-Rashaydeh


Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari chairman of Hebron Unievsrity Board of Trustees and the accompanying delegation which included  Board of Trustees member Mr. Jawdi Abu-isnaineh, the president of the Unievrsity Prof. Dr. Ahmad Atawneh, the  ambassador of Palestine in Canada Mr. Sa’id  Hamad, the secretary of Fatah in the Hebron region Mr. Kefah Al-Iwaiwi, dean of the Faculty of Al-Shari’a Prof. Dr. Hussein Al-tartouri, dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Dr. Sabri Zughayyer, the Adminsitraive Vice President Mr. Zeyad Al-Ja’abari, Mr. Khader Al-Qawasmi, Mr. Abdul-‘Aleem Da’ana, director of the office of the Board of Trustees Dr. Tareq Al-Ja’abari, the director of Public Relations Dr. Amjad Shehab, Dr. Mustafa Shawer from the Faculty of Al-Shari’a and the University security official Mr. fakhri Al-Ja’abari  were the guests of the  Arabs of Al-rashaydeh tribe.

The delegation was received by  Sheikh Ali Ideh Al-Rashaydeh, sheikh  Abu-Hussein Al-Rashaydeh, engineer Fawwaz  Juma’a Al-rashaydeh head of the Arab Al-rashaydeh  village council and a number of the notables of the tribe.

The delegation got acquainted with the living conditions and the difficult circumstances that the tribe faces due to the practices of the Israeli occupation and the scant  support from the Palestinian government. Engineer  Fawwaz Al-rashaydeh  gave a glimpse  about the history of Al-rashaydeh tribe  which is considered one of the most  Arab tribes  whereby it spreads in several countries the most important of which are Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Palestine.

Engineer Fawwz Al-Rashaydeh answered all the questions which  focused on  how  to support their steadfastness on the land of Palestine specially in the fields of education, and supporting  the livestock which is considered on of the pillars  of their existence on the land.

Dr. nabil Al-Ja’abari expressed his pride  in their steadfastness and emphasized for them that  Hebron University will remain open for the students of the tribe  and that it will continue giving any help specially in the academic domain  in order to support their steadfastness  on their lands.

At the end of the visit, engineer Fawwaz Al-Rashaydeh  in the name of the tribe thanked Dr. nabil-Al-Ja’abari and the  accompanying delegation for their interest and help  for  the tribe  in general and the students in particular.

It is worth mentioning  that the number of the  individuals of the tribe  in Palestine alone  is more than forty thousand persons  distributed in several areas. The main occupation of the individuals of the tribe is grazing sheep. They depend on the renewable energy which provide them with electricity to fulfill their needs.

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